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From Twitter 11-06-2010

  • 01:09:45: Video game OST that US fans don't really know about: The Dawn of Ys. Weird, yet great. Think of standard Ys fare, then add Kenny G.
  • 01:48:33: Picked up Shienryu on Playstation Imports. This is Strikers 1945 on cocaine. And I like Strikers 1945.
  • 02:05:34: OK, Sheinryu is a game all SHMUP fans need to buy. The main game is great, but the gaiden games - including an LCD game - are hillarious.
  • 02:34:29: Yet ANOTHER NHL '11 issue: if you have a boost pack, you have to go into the store and let it authorize before you can use it. EVERY. TIME.
  • 03:03:09: Zygi Wilf "contemplated" firing Brad Childress. What the fuck is he waiting for, the rapture? http://es.pn/baKjZS
  • 03:14:38: 450 unread news items in my video games RSS... you know what? It's the weekend. Fuck this noise. *mark all as read*
  • 03:27:17: "I don't like video games. So I'll sit here and hope against hope that SCOTUS bans them." http://bit.ly/dwwxhM
  • 03:58:26: AWSOME of Atlus to consider their fans. Now, I await them bitching about some other pointless bullshit. #stupidweeaboos http://bit.ly/aAKzW9
  • 04:15:36: I've been pretty down on THQ lately, and SVR on all systems is a buggy piece of shit, but bully to Danny Bilson. http://bit.ly/9DhSUm
  • 13:18:36: My games today are a sandwich, with turds as the bread: Squirt B, Midget, Mite B. Mite B!? What am I, 16 again?
  • 13:22:28: Meanwhile, I'm trying to find a way to work Common's "I Used To Love H.E.R." in with my review of PES '11. I don't think I'm good enough. :(
  • 21:20:30: My decision not to line the Federal League was vindicated tonight. What a fucking shitshow.
  • 22:43:56: "Dude! I need you to go to Hotchkiss!" "OK, sure" "Great!" "Just one question." "What?" "Where the fuck is Hotchkiss?"
  • 22:44:55: *checks map* Oh! I'm going to be driving 90 minutes both ways for one game! Wow, as if I didn't have a bad enough mood as it is!

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