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From Twitter 11-07-2010

  • 02:22:25: I almost want to dedicate myself to training for and eventually making the FHL, just so I can have my own HockeyDB page.
  • 02:22:49: The only thing stopping me is that the league is an absolute, pathetic shitshow, and will probably be disbanded by the time I'm ready.
  • 09:15:07: About to drive three hours round-trip for 45 minutes worth of hockey (game fee: $47). My scheduler owes me big time. >:[
  • 09:34:55: To be honest, there's something kinda cool about driving to these far out rinks. And Jesus, is Hotchkiss far.
  • 09:35:33: I remember the time when going to Cromwell was an adventure; that's a "whopping" 50 minute drive. Guess I shoulda played nice with Art!
  • 10:11:46: You know what I love about 90 minute drives? Being completely stopped on I-84W.
  • 15:47:57: Did I read my text right? Did I hear that Ndukwerkewjlfkedjs Suh actually tried to kick an extra point?
  • 15:58:44: RT @dmataconis: I hate them with the burning passion of a thousand suns RT @colecamp: Anyone else love these UPS "That's logistics" comm ...
  • 16:26:03: Can someone check on @psymin1? Branden! BRANDEN! ANSWER US!!!!
  • 16:41:29: We need to have the "It Gets Better" people do something for Detroit Lions fans. I'm a Jets fan, and even I'm sorry for them. @psymin1
  • 17:39:58: Yikes! Bad goal by Bobrovski. A rare one, he's been solid so far.
  • 17:51:29: Watching a commercial for the T*Core. Apparently, we're going to become fit with pogo sticks now? Is that it? Is this 1953?
  • 17:54:30: Apparently, these guys are stealing their fitness fad ideas from old Goofy cartoons. http://youtu.be/hQLuuB25Ano
  • 18:21:31: "Football has changed so much over the years!" Um... actually, it apparently hasn't changed much! http://youtu.be/UekPuHY_O4k
  • 18:47:34: Wait. Someone from EA said that other people are resting on their laurels? From EA!? #thepotsaysthekettleisblack http://bit.ly/cfOQNl
  • 19:29:14: I can't believe we actually used to have propaganda like this. It's honestly... sickening, in retrospect. http://youtu.be/-gdM9Xitof8

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