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From Twitter 11-08-2010

  • 01:35:27: It's eight years since they did, and yet, I still miss the demise of the Gaming Intelligence Agency. http://bit.ly/a2IXe6
  • 01:43:06: People are criticizing Chris Christie for not being conservative enough? Really? CHRIS FUCKIN' CHRISTIE!? Know who your friends are, guys.
  • 04:12:15: Apparently, there's a Hello Kitty vibrator. This is not only mind-breaking, but doesn't seem to work logistically. http://bit.ly/8zQn9
  • 05:01:53: NFL Head Coach '09 is still $50 on the PSN. I find this absolutely hilarious, but it's a reason why I don't want games to go fully digital.
  • 06:28:08: RT @JenAMcPadden: Roads covered in sleet and very slippery. #CTWeather #Shelton
  • 07:09:46: The lead in to my Pro Evolution review is maybe the best I've ever written. It also simultaneously will make @burning_phoneix crack up.
  • 15:42:12: I favorited a YouTube video -- What We Believe, Part 5: Gun Rights http://youtu.be/kRAw3VWVyD8?a
  • 15:50:42: RT @twelveicings: Via Kotaku: The evolution of the first-person shooter, in one shot: http://bit.ly/ceBS6r
  • 16:47:38: RT @SPBowley: RT @theman1050: Trumbull HS has had 'bomb threats' on the past 3 major vid game releases-Halo 3 COD MW2 map 3:1 odds we ...
  • 16:50:29: Woah, don't like how Tweetdeck shows @ replies now. This is BEGGING for a fatfinger. http://yfrog.com/20e0sbj
  • 17:18:20: So basically, my state has a new governor because of two cities and a "found" box of uncounted ballots. When did CT turn into Chicago?
  • 17:19:49: Also, can we fry Stephen Hayes now? Like, this instant? Or better yet: tie him down in a burning building. Eye for an eye, bitches.
  • 17:29:11: I'll get to the news in a minute. Let's play some Commando! #mametotherescue
  • 17:33:01: RT @VizTopTips: CONVINCE people you are mentally ill by going out in the freezing cold in the middle of the night to queue for a compute ...
  • 18:13:11: So what will "Fire Joe Morgan" call themselves now?
  • 18:15:51: What's fun about these copyright lawsuits is the subject matter leads to embarrassment. It's outright extortion. http://bit.ly/bWM0ok
  • 19:24:35: Wow. @KeithOlbermann's statement/apology to fans had the added effect of cutting MSNBC to ribbons. This won't end well. http://scr.bi/at4pmN
  • 20:03:45: Activision: Black Ops Expected To Sell 20% Less Than Modern Warfare: Activision has released guidance on what to... http://bit.ly/9loKmA
  • 20:05:16: Uh oh. How do I import Scribd documents into entries? @ValleyIndy?
  • 20:47:53: RT @RegisterCitizen: Foley, 126 towns to Malloy's 43; Malloy: 46,000-vote edge in 3 cities. http://bit.ly/abZ7GB (GOD I hate Bridgeport!)
  • 20:51:07: Wow, @psymin1's started off with a bang at @ip_movies. http://bit.ly/cBBVQE
  • 20:53:44: So the Dallas Cowboys went from a completely inept coach to a completely overwhelmed coach. Yeah, that'll improve on 1-7.
  • 20:57:43: It looks like the band "Superbus" has an official twitter: @superbusmusic Now stop bugging me in French about shitty music!
  • 21:12:27: You know what? I'm tired of fans saying Joe Morgan and Tim McCarver don't know baseball. One's a Hall of Famer, the other was DAMN good.
  • 21:13:06: And you know what? I like McCarver and Buck. I enjoy their work. Does that make me a bad fan, you Big Lead wannabes?
  • 21:36:34: Tecmo-Koei Takes Financial Beating, Replaces CEO: Tecmo-Koei’s six month financial results are in, and they are ... http://bit.ly/cGH1L3
  • 21:53:07: Wow. Capcom Arcade for the iPhone is - predictably - shit on a stick. Don't even waste the space. Awful, awful, awful.

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Nov. 9th, 2010 07:10 pm (UTC)
I clicked the hello kitty link at work thinking it would be ok because it would be an article about it, but no, it was to a store -_-

The chick who broke the Olberman thing for Politico went to Brown, and the guy who was supposed to replace him on Friday is also a Brown alumnus.
We're in your news, owning your punditz
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