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From Twitter 11-09-2010

  • 00:01:02: Namco Bandai Six Month Figures Improve, Company Still Loses Money: The good news for Namco Bandai is that they l... http://bit.ly/91VCPA
  • 00:14:53: Like clockwork. Write a piece about Black Ops, watch the hits come in. It's almost disgusting how predictable the internet is.
  • 14:17:17: Sometimes, I feel nostalgic about simpler times. Then I realize that means no internet, and I snap out of it quickly.
  • 15:39:17: I read that Barack Obama would beat Basil Marceaux by 25 points if he were to run in '12. Question: Who the hell are the 37% for Marceaux!?
  • 16:16:55: Derek Jeter won another gold glove!? Don't you have to be able to reach the ball before you can glove it?
  • 16:18:43: I don't like "new" baseball stats, but when you're DEAD LAST in zone fielding in the AL.. http://bit.ly/bv0AWC
  • 16:20:48: Not only was Jeter last, he was last by a WIDE margin. He was arguably the worst shortstop in the AL. Did Alexei Ramirez kick a dog?
  • 16:59:05: This nostalgia for George Bush is silly. Let me sum up the differences between Barack Obama and GWB:
  • 16:59:32: Barack Obama is a bad president. George W. Bush is a war criminal. I would still have the former over the latter, even with the spending.
  • 19:14:33: Brendan Shanahan's plan actually freaking worked!? http://bit.ly/arZoGJ
  • 19:27:19: RT @dmataconis: This RT @BrainLemon: Dear Jim Demint - Um, yes you can be a fiscal con w/o being a social con. It's called being for al ...
  • 19:27:40: So did anyone think to ask Mr. DeMint for specifics to back up his statement?
  • 21:07:43: Strangely, I'm actually excited to read Decision Points. I think George Bush is a piece of shit, but damned if he isn't candid.
  • 23:19:01: OK, Japanator. You have a story about game called "Suck My Dick Or Die", with uncensored images... and you censor "bullshit"? #bullshit

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Nov. 10th, 2010 03:57 pm (UTC)
Vote in Marceaux so we'll never have another Republican president for another 80 years! :D
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