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From Twitter 11-10-2010

  • 00:09:17: BTW: I'm not reporting anything about Call of Duty: Space Edition yet. Not until I have confirmation that goes beyond anonymous reports.
  • 00:12:55: Warner Brothers Montreal To Focus On Casual Titles: Back in March, when Warner Brothers founded a studio in Mont... http://bit.ly/95e8ng
  • 01:08:42: EA Sports Patch News: NHL ’11, FIFA ’11, EA MMA: There’s a lot of news about patches for EA’s latest games. Let’... http://bit.ly/9vHO5K
  • 03:11:34: Pachter Backtracks On Previous Black Ops Predictions, Still Wants Paid Online: I need to get a job as a stock sp... http://bit.ly/9FSt4C
  • 04:13:44: EA Sports Restructuring Costs Jobs, Changes Development Standards: The fallout from Electronic Arts cancelling N... http://bit.ly/afJGeU
  • 05:07:51: RT @TheGoalieGuild: To keep it brief, I've been brought on board as a consultant for @elitegoalies and all of their programming, from we ...
  • 05:08:25: RT @tech_gaming: Burger King and Kinect tie-in is a offbeat relationship. After eating a Whopper the last thing I want to do is stand up ...
  • 05:09:03: RT @twelveicings: Want. RT @rpgfancom: Ever wondered what happened to Secret of Mana iOS? So did we. http://fb.me/vk3ZNpJu
  • 07:36:47: Taylor Swift is the top country music star in America. Somewhere, Hank Williams is rolling.
  • 09:07:31: Susan Byseiwicz doing a vote audit is like the Keystone Kops legislating prison reform.
  • 09:16:39: For someone running on 4 hours of sleep in two nights, I'm holding up pretty well!
  • 10:01:45: RT @dmataconis: Sorry, but Joe Miller's argument that "Lisa Murkowsky" shouldn't count as a vote for "Lisa Murkowski" is just bullshit
  • 12:01:48: Tucker Carlson is a deceitful, dishonest sack of shit. Anyone who gives one word he says value is an idiot. Plain and simple.
  • 16:00:48: I don't know what's worse: my shock that @JimSterling gave Black Ops a 6, or the fact that we're the only 2 reviewers who kill online bugs.
  • 16:01:27: Of course, everyone's shitting on @JimSterling's review because 6 is the new -5. It's almost like he sodomized Kotick. #luddites
  • 18:04:02: RT @GAMEVIL: We've fixed the framerate issues for ZENONIA on #PSP minis and will submit a new build to Sony shortly. (It might be playable!)
  • 18:14:18: Ys: Oath in Felghana (PSP) GET! Now, to actually get time to play it...
  • 18:17:00: There's stupid mistakes. And then there's saying Assassin's Creed was made by THQ. #fuckedup #whoops #ineedaneditor
  • 18:24:36: The Phil Kessel trade, in a nutshell: http://bit.ly/aPPS7o
  • 18:36:57: Wow, I need to stop shitting on Activision so they can send me on junkets. You know what you have to do, @chupacaubrey! http://bit.ly/b89S3N
  • 18:46:16: Does anyone want to volunteer to give my news articles a look-see, just to make sure my writing doesn't suck and my facts are straight?
  • 18:48:35: I fly by the seat of my pants on these things, when I'm at my best with someone like Mel or Aileen holding the reins a bit. I need an editor
  • 18:53:34: My writing is good, but I post so often, and do so much research that things like coherent writing and proofreading tend to be forgotten.
  • 19:12:39: I'm a little confused. We're trying to get out of a deficit of almost $14b, yet no one wants to raise any tax, period. Something has to give
  • 19:13:03: And on the other side, the left balks at cuts to their precious programmes. Sorry, guys. Everyone's going to have to eat some crow here.
  • 19:19:30: Both sides - left and right - are going to have to make concessions to get out of $14t deficit. That means cuts AND some taxes.
  • 19:53:43: All I know is that if I ran a business the way the United States has run itself, creditors would be at my door with pitchforks and torches.
  • 21:00:04: Quickie review of Oath in Felghana: Exactly like the PC version, which is outstanding. But the voices... YIKES.
  • 21:04:50: RT @JPosnanski: RIP Dave Niehaus (1935-2010), the most famous Mariner of them all. It will fly away.
  • 21:14:57: I've heard three voices in this game so far. We're 0-3. The voices are atrocious (and thankfully, you can shut them off)
  • 21:15:22: Elena sounds like one of those porn stars they bring onto hentai DVDs so that they have name recognition with American viewers. #bad
  • 21:17:02: I'm watching Orlando vs. Utah. When did Andre Kirilenko join the Partridge Family?
  • 21:18:42: Seriously, Kirilenko looks like looks like Lindsay Buckingham with that haircut. Talk about unintentional comedy.
  • 21:30:46: OH MY FUCKING GOD THEY PUT GAMECENTRE ON THE PS3 http://bit.ly/9qM2mL #fap
  • 21:37:01: For anyone saying to boycott Amazon, I have two words for you: First. Amendment.
  • 21:41:58: Wow. I'm hearing the things Vikings players are saying about Childress. He has to be fired. Immediately. I can't believe he's still there.
  • 23:29:14: RT @dmataconis: I endorse this idea RT @KevDough: Thune, Romney, Christie, whatever. So long as Palin & Huck are sent on a rocketship to ...
  • 23:29:26: RT @BreakingNews: Pentagon study: Minimal risk to lifting ban on gays serving openly during war efforts http://wapo.st/cgWgMw
  • 23:32:01: They're talking about Chris Healy for Republican National Committee chair? If he wants to help the GOP, he should take over the Democrats.
  • 23:36:17: "Lower difficulty level"? Fuck you, game! #oathinfelghana

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