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From Twitter 11-11-2010

  • 00:20:39: Wait a minute! The Gamecentre app on the PSN is $10!? What in th-- oh! It's free for PS+ subscribers. Well, then fuck you, Sony.
  • 00:25:46: RT @dmataconis: RT @JoeNBC: The United States spends $2.5 billion a WEEK in Afghanistan. We cannot afford to continue this endless, mean ...
  • 00:29:47: Dear JRPG fans: Go to bigfishgames.com, use their $4.99 new buyer coupon, and purchase Deadly Sin 2. The spirit of Phantasy Star IV lives!
  • 00:31:51: Today, I'll be celebrating *MY* holiday. Don't bug me. ... What? Mom needs me to cover at the restaurant? MotherFUCKER.
  • 08:33:51: I don't know if I should celebrate Veterans' Day today (when I'm on my way to that shit restaurant) or on Monday, like everyone else.
  • 08:34:24: I know! I'll just play video games I want to play for a change. That'll sho-- oh, I have to edit. DAMNIT.
  • 10:22:17: The first amendment is dead. #amazon
  • 13:55:46: Do I really have to explain freedom of expression? Very well, I'll take to my website later.
  • 16:13:15: Dear world: you want to thank Veterans? Make sure my people have jobs and proper medical care when we get back from combat.
  • 17:46:56: Dear Miami Heat haters: we're eight games in. Wait until they click. Just trust me on this.
  • 17:48:37: I am about to write my little diatribe about Amazon, doing something I rarely do: disagreeing with @dmataconis on a Constitutional issue.
  • 17:48:58: I say this acknowledging that he is a lawyer and I am a video game journalist. I am maybe a bit out of my league, but I'll do my best.
  • 19:06:20: What do the following NHL players have in common: Manny Malhotra, Michael Ryder, Andrew Ladd, Anthony Stewart, Jeff Halpern, Ed Jovanovski.
  • 19:08:16: Answer to previous question: Every player has more goals and points than $100m man Ilya Kovalchuk (exception: Jovo's tied with Kovie's 3G)
  • 19:14:27: Oh for Christ's fucking sake. Get the fuck out of my holiday, you right wing twats. (h/t @JimSterling) http://bit.ly/brxCn7
  • 19:17:20: RT @JimSterling: If Americans are truly this terrified of a spooky Muslim agenda, then guess what -- 9/11 was a rousing success.
  • 19:56:06: Broke down and bought the Gamecentre app. Good news: I'm watching live games despite only being a Vault subscriber. #shhhhh
  • 20:30:22: OK, too much to do tonight. I'll write the Amazon piece tomorrow. This is why my site hasn't been updated since the World Cup.
  • 20:46:02: RT @Locs_n_Laughs: I would play Stackhouse at power forward over Bosh-- he's bigger where it counts
  • 20:55:19: I'm good luck! I turn on the Canucks game (Away feeds in HD! Goodbye, Centre Ice!), and Ryan Kessler scores (off a Kovalev turnover!)
  • 21:52:09: The Miami Heat are playing like faggots. No help defence, no physicality, no heart. Faggots.
  • 21:52:23: RT @twelveicings: WHAT THE EFF SENS. (:D)
  • 21:58:19: The only person showing any hustle on Miami is Zydrunas Ilgauskas, the 35 year old 7-footer with chronically bad feet who can't move anymore
  • 22:03:15: Rajon Rondo just made Udonis Haslem - of all people - look weak. TNT's colour guy just asked the question: "Where's Chris Bosh?"
  • 22:12:13: That's Chris Bosh at his best: taking a 17 foot jumper with no defence around to mess up his feng shui.
  • 22:14:42: Dear Katy Perry: If you're doing Proactiv commercials, you are not a free spirit. You are a corporate whore.
  • 22:30:54: Woah, who's the scraggly European guy who just set a pick that rattled Dwayne Wade's teeth?
  • 23:55:20: RT @PETER_GRIFFINN: #prayforjustin is trending.Because he hurt his knee. And we must pray for him.Not Rwanda. Or soldiers. Or cancer. Bu ...
  • 23:57:31: To be fair, we probably should #prayforjustin. Kid doesn't exactly look tough. A flea bite could give that little twink colon cancer.

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