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From Twitter 11-12-2010

  • 00:16:30: Th is one will be of great interest to my journalist friends. http://bit.ly/cnhzlS @valleyindy @jdeloma @mozactly
  • 00:34:43: Michael Pachter's latest analysis is so stupid, I'm not even going to report it. No matter how fun it is to pick apart.
  • 01:17:31: Viacom Discontinues, Looks To Sell Harmonix: Massive media conglomerate Viacom issued a financial statement wher... http://bit.ly/bbEzl0
  • 16:33:39: RT @dmataconis: If you're not following everyone on this list your Twitter experience must really just suck the big one http://bit.ly/bK ...
  • 22:41:08: RT @dmataconis: San Francisco has banned toys in Happy Meals and circumcision. Guys, I've enjoyed visiting your city but y'all are just ...
  • 22:42:10: Does anyone not bagging groceries miss it? RT @dmataconis: Me neither #doublefact RT @hostagehoosier: I don't miss high school. #fact
  • 22:58:04: Before everyone screams about Kevin Love, remember that he had that game against the Knicks. I could get a double-double with their D.
  • 23:20:29: RT @sportsguy33: Over-under on crazy records/feats players notch against GSW or NYK this season is 9.5. Love's 30-30 counts as the 1st one.

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