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From Twitter 11-14-2010

  • 00:20:22: How much do you want to bet Calgary fans won't notice how Iginla's playing because he only has 1 assist? These guys would criticize Jesus.
  • 00:29:38: Can ANYONE on Calgary's backline make a play? When did Calgary and Edmonton trade defences?
  • 00:39:57: "Iginla should have scored the first one! Bad Captain! Bad player! Trade him!" #calgaryflamesfans
  • 00:42:12: Correction to last tweet. #calgaryflamesfansexceptlizbecauselizisntafuckingidiot
  • 02:04:11: Dear LeBron James: If you're bitching about too much playing time, maybe you shouldn't have signed with a team that has 3 players.
  • 02:47:46: RT @dekunda: So Tactics Ogre is gonna have DLC. Which I will want. But I hate giving Squeenix money. wat do. :(
  • 07:23:42: RT @the_pc_doc: Dear Apple, please allow me to switch off shake to undo. It's really ****in annoying. Seriously, who thought this was co ...
  • 07:34:12: RT @raywashere: Whatever moron decided that 7am was a good start time for a hockey game should be shot
  • 13:39:55: RT @TheGoalieGuild: Are you kidding me Biron? Yeah, so that tweet I had in the first about bad glove work? There's proof of it. 2 goals ...
  • 13:59:39: At Danbury's rink. Let's check scores... Sunderland BEAT Chelsea 3-0!?!?!?
  • 14:27:59: Tea parties crowing about primary wins is like if Texas crowed about the ALCS. In the end, both sides lose the one that actually matters.
  • 18:16:13: Hey Sega. Your Sonic games have been absolutely dogshit for years, and you have the audacity to charge $40 for Colours? #fuckoff
  • 18:47:18: "I've been playing games a long time. Therefore, my opinion is sacrosanct! WORSHIP MY... age. (h/t @JimSterling) http://twitpic.com/36xwkw
  • 19:25:02: RT @espn_macmahon: The football gods obviously approve of Jerry Jones' decision to fire Wade Phillips.
  • 20:13:59: RT @billhicksdotcom: "We are one with God and He loves us. Now if that isn't a hazard 2 this country...How're we gonna keep building nuc ...
  • 20:14:35: Port Coffeehouse has spoiled me to hot chocolate. This Dunkin Donuts stuff just 'aint cutting it.
  • 20:22:31: After getting done reading video game news, I *still* have "1000+" articles in my e-reader. Right. Read @valleyindy, then "mark as read"
  • 23:22:08: RT @RicBucher: A lineup only Don Nelson could love: Suns have Hakim Warrick at 5, Jared Dudley at 4. (Predicted final score: 154-151.
  • 23:22:16: RT @alexkauff: @JonHenke @dmataconis Better question: What if a few states' Attorneys General grew spines and starting prosecuting TSA e ...
  • 23:30:18: Is Twitter telling me that people I follow are "similar" to me something new? Of course @diehardgamefan is similar to me!
  • 23:31:31: I'm coming onto the "make yourself younger in your avatar" trend, but I figured I'd combine it with Veterans' Day. #istillobservemonday

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