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From Twitter 11-17-2010

  • 00:05:10: Some of my followers ask, "why do you boycott Activision?". Here's another brick on the wall. http://bit.ly/9E1bQm
  • 06:39:13: Canada has a mandatory retirement age of 75 for politicians. #justsaying #rangel
  • 07:01:05: Question for News 12 CT Only On Cablevision: what the hell is "hyper" local weather? Is that my house's temp? Or my rectal temperature?
  • 14:53:19: RT @DanRyckert: Imagine if in ten years a COD game sold 3,000 units in its first week. That's how bad they fucked up the Tony Hawk series.
  • 15:22:01: The demise of Bizzarre Studios should get someone at ACTIVISION fired for their clueless management of their titles. Not the devs.
  • 15:22:55: They released Blur alongside two other big-name racers, and said "OK! Sell copies!". They released Bloodstone next to Goldeneye and CoD.
  • 15:24:26: Activision closing Bizzare is like a parent leaving a baby in a crib with plastic bags, then wondering why their child turned blue overnight
  • 15:26:08: Now, because Kotick and Co. are clueless morons who can only handle one IP without breaking it, a lot of people are going to lose their jobs
  • 16:17:12: I'll just review it here: Pro Evolution '11 is awesome. I do it here because this review is going to *SUCK A DICK*.
  • 16:22:54: Damnit, now @tech_gaming has me on a Keane kick. #againandagain
  • 16:24:15: You know what I like? 16 hour work days. What's it like to have fun again?
  • 16:25:02: Oh, wait. Fun comes this Saturday (and hopefully Sunday). #ratedr #notsubtle #nope #noisecomplaints #gonnaneednewspackle
  • 16:36:46: How the hell is Barry McDonald a Constitutional expert when he doesn't even believe the 1st Amendment is sacrosanct? http://lat.ms/cUMmwy
  • 16:38:16: This just in: Michael Pachter's a douchebag, and unbeknownst to him, not "very good" at his job. Film at 11. http://bit.ly/9zuJIf
  • 16:39:17: RT @operationsports: Madden NFL 11 Week 11 Roster and Rating Changes, Vick Jumps Up to 93 Overall Rating (Isn't that Madden '04-level?)
  • 16:55:42: Actually, I have to take it back. The Escapist piece makes Pachter look pretty good. Doesn't mask the fact that (cont) http://tl.gd/71a5sq
  • 16:56:34: The Keane w/ Ka'nan song "Stop for a Minute" is one of those songs I'd love to sing while drunk in a crowded bar. It's got a great tone.
  • 17:21:35: Did the new guy just give a game a 1? I gotta read that one later.
  • 17:27:04: RT @BreakingNews: Burger King fires 2 employees over expletives on drive-through receipt http://bit.ly/d9iXYl (This is news!?!? - Bus)
  • 17:36:15: It's really sad that I have to go to the coffee shop to get work done. But what the hell, the hot chocolate is good. <3 Port Coffeehouse.
  • 17:42:02: PR guys: Please don't tell me how awesome your videos are. I'll make that call. Unless you're @chupacaubrey, because she's entertaining.
  • 21:53:36: No one's mentioning the obvious: this bullshit is par for the course in Cleveland. http://es.pn/aCLwvU
  • 22:22:55: Some people, when they lose something, pour a 40oz. Me? I repurchase their old work for $5.99 plus tax. http://yfrog.com/caao3nj
  • 22:27:41: Yay, Chris Bosh! He scored on the only team softer than he is! Who guarded him, George Whipple?
  • 22:31:40: RT @jperlow: This Chinese food menu is an Internet classic. Awesome site, wish he didn't stop in 2008. http://bit.ly/3ngIxj
  • 22:59:02: RT @chadfordinsider: Feel sick for Greg Oden and the Blazers. Oden will have microfracture surgery. Out for the season. http://es.pn/axg7am

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