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From Twitter 11-18-2010

  • 15:31:50: Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light has a definite Mystic Quest feel to it. My highest recommendation for @dekunda, without a doubt.
  • 15:32:47: RT @libertypapers: Quote of the Day: 4th Amendment Be Damned Edition: “Nobody likes the 4th amendment being violated when going thr... h ...
  • 17:11:55: RT @Judgenap: Homeland Security and the Constitution - Who is in charge of defending the United States? http://fxn.ws/a1sfnG
  • 17:21:07: Proof that @jephjacques is good at what he does: I am legitimately upset at a fictional character in a webcomic. And I'm a 30 year old man.
  • 17:23:12: The Islanders have become the NHL's joke franchise. Again. It's disgusting what they're doing to their fans and the media.
  • 17:23:42: From removing a colour commentator who wasn't 100% pro NYI to what they did to Chris Botta, the organization should be ashamed of themselves
  • 17:24:04: Unfortunately, Charles Wang doesn't know shame. And I agree with @therivalry: I think the Islanders are just trying to make a break for KC.
  • 17:25:41: It's inconvenient, but the work on the Commodore Hull Bridge needs to be done. Via @ThemisKlarides: http://bit.ly/aiDFEH
  • 18:01:07: Alright, let's go FOE hunting in Etrian Odyssey III. Expect cursing within a half hour.
  • 18:39:12: Go fucking figure. B7, I get that scaled dragon down to the last few HP, and he Charge In-s me to death.
  • 21:47:48: Does "don't IM me unless I initiate" mean "please IM me about stupid bullshit" in other languages?
  • 22:12:25: Sweet. Can't play NHL '11 online because of the wraparound bug. For fuck's sake, EA.
  • 22:38:23: RT @dmataconis: is once again discovering that the "people I wouldn't vote for" list is far longer than the "people I would for" list. #sigh
  • 23:36:27: Woah... OK, then. I probably should start getting excited for ILLUSIA. This looks GOOD.

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