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From Twitter 11-19-2010

  • 02:25:30: For those wondering about news, that comes back next week. I'm having to catch up on a lot this week.
  • 23:38:13: Wow. The Knicks are playing the Warriors? And look at that! The score is 70-55 before halftime! Can these guys play 82 times?
  • 23:41:08: I probably shouldn't have grabbed Chinese food on the way home, I'll just be having more tomorrow. #wink
  • 23:41:58: Also, the Flames seem to be doing well. We can take @twelveicings off suicide watch for another day.
  • 23:54:06: Did some research on how Nightwolve is doing. Don't know HOW I missed his idea of fan-made DRM. Holy shit. http://bit.ly/9iDals

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