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From Twitter 11-20-2010

  • 00:00:42: Hey Calgary, save some for a rainy day, eh? You fuckers need all the points you can get.
  • 00:04:16: Chicago's announcers made a point about Calgary's lack of home-grown talent and poor drafting. Darryl Sutter, everyone!
  • 01:13:46: Trumbull lost to Darien? Damnit. ... Yes, I'm from Derby, but Trumbull paid me last, so there. Eagles all the way!
  • 01:41:39: Doing something novel: restarting Final Fantasy VII, or as it should be called, 1984 If 1984 Was 70 Hours Too Long.
  • 01:43:19: "The different parts of Midgar used to have names, but no one remembers them anymore." I mean, we're just short Newspeak at this point.
  • 02:58:15: What's this "distracted driving" shit? I used to be able to drive while getting road head. Now everyone's cracking up over texts? Pussies!
  • 03:54:11: Must have been a slow news day at @valleyindy. If I say I'm running for mayor as a libertarian, will I get a story too? http://bit.ly/dzaWni
  • 04:11:26: I love how everyone coos over Valve's PR note about Portal 2, but then gives @chupacaubrey shit over her routine PR emails. Hypocrites.
  • 11:15:30: I hope the Hockey Hall of Fame voters sleep well tonight. R.I.P. Pat Burns.
  • 11:42:38: The defences of Colin Campbell's work seem to revolve around "c'mon, it's Soupy! He's a good guy!" Therein lies the fucking problem!

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