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From Twitter 11-21-2010

  • 00:06:17: Awesome day was awesome. That's all I really have to say there.
  • 14:39:09: RT @Sprow_ESPN: Jeter's agent calls Yanks stance "baffling" after 3 yrs, $45M offer. Says Jeter is a modern Ruth. Remember: Ruth finishe ...
  • 14:44:16: Still glowing from last night. I can't imagine life when I'm able to see Aileen every day without interference. Getting laid helps, too.
  • 16:44:27: RT @dmataconis: We libertarians opposed the TSA, the Nanny State, deficit spending, and an out-of-control government a long time ago. Wh ...
  • 17:53:22: "Despite being deceased (Martin) Cech appears in NHL 09, 10, and 11." Time to clean up the FA rosters, boys.
  • 19:38:17: RT @dmataconis: Yet Another TSA Outrage: Now They’re Strip Searching Children http://bit.ly/awurZS
  • 19:38:47: Damnit Google. I already know AoE3 is ten cents. Simple question: What. Kind. Of. DRM.
  • 19:40:56: I'm doing loads of searching, and can't find exactly what Age of Empires III will do to my computer DRM wise. I think that's a pass.
  • 19:48:03: Look Microsoft: I bought the damn game. At this point, I have zero problems with downloading a cracked version now. Give me the info.
  • 20:00:30: Hey, people want to continue to buy Chinese products, this is what you get. Start talking with your wallets. http://bit.ly/aztBad
  • 22:13:52: I'm drinking Ovaltine and playing Final Fantasy VII while Led Zeppelin plays. It's 1998 all over again.
  • 22:45:04: Wow. I never realized as a kid just how spotty FFVII's translation was.
  • 23:02:03: So I see they're doing Skating with the Stars now. America not only steals Canada's shows, they do them wrong! http://bit.ly/JZla2
  • 23:06:50: "This is the only place flowers grow!" Then what the fuck is that huge garden outside your house, bitch? #ffvii #aerithisdumb
  • 23:10:18: Whenever I level up, I keep thinking I have to add points, or do something else. I blame EOIII.
  • 23:25:34: So someone got hurt during the Giants game? That pussy! He obviously needs two more regular season games to play!

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