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From Twitter 11-22-2010

  • 00:28:51: It's nice to have scanned strategy guides - it beats paying $50 on the third market - but Adobe really needs a "bookmark" option. :(
  • 01:05:24: Well, then. I think we have our first "this game is popular for a reason" moment of Final Fantasy VII. #solongsectorseven
  • 01:29:50: David Nolan is dead... he was a founder of the Libertarian Party, and a solid libertarian, no matter what size the "L" is. It's a sad day...
  • 03:27:52: Red XIII up in this bitch! Though I just realized... I'm playing this a lot more than I did other recent games. Like Agarest War.
  • 04:09:28: RT @safety: The accounts of scantily-clad women claiming to link to their "home videos" are generally linking to malware. (Today's "no shit"
  • 05:13:11: I think getting out of Midgar is a great way to end the night. Morning. Whatever.
  • 07:29:21: I notice Final Fantasy 4 Heroes of Light came in (legit copy) over the weekend. Rock on. This one's fun.
  • 07:29:54: Though there's irony there: to have fun in 2010, we have to go back to 1990 game design staples. There's a lesson there, Squeenix.
  • 07:30:45: It's like if I decided that the best way to have sex was in the back of my car while making sure our parents weren't around. Nostalgia!
  • 09:07:57: Diehard GameFAN Hall of Fame Nominee: Super Mario Bros.: Every week, we will present a new game to be nominated ... http://bit.ly/a5jrzW
  • 17:18:09: Dear Zygi Wilf: You're about four weeks too late, homey. http://es.pn/bGUN14
  • 18:13:04: I notice most of the people who give me shit about me hating NOA's Fire Emblem names are the ones that fight to the death over Aerith.
  • 18:45:51: Look, if people are bitching about the TSA, do what I have done since '03: don't fly. And tell the cows that question you to FOAD.
  • 18:46:21: "But what if it's far?" Guys, if I get sent to Vancouver BC tomorrow, I'm taking a train. Yes, from Derby CT to Vancouver BC. On a train.
  • 18:47:00: I would rather do that then have my liberty and dignity taken by another person, especially this guy: http://bit.ly/hiWIL5
  • 18:54:48: "chris, you suck dick, 'nuff said". My fans bring the classy on my Spectral Force Genesis reviews! <3
  • 20:54:20: So basically what Sarah Palin is saying is that she'll talk to Fox News, Fox Business and Fox News. http://bit.ly/eORZgp
  • 21:26:38: RT @dmataconis: Dear @SarahPalinUSA, if you're too chicken to sit down with Katie Couric, you don't have the guts to sit down with Vladi ...
  • 23:03:29: My fiancee and I are arguing the merits of video reviews with demonstrations for women's vibrators. God, I love her.
  • 23:39:59: RT @jperlow: Bristol Palin Must Die. There, now I've said it. (I guess we have our DWTS winner - Bus)

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Nov. 23rd, 2010 05:44 pm (UTC)
FF7 :D
Fond memories
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