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From Twitter 11-23-2010

  • 00:20:17: Ah, so Bristol didn't win. OK, on with our lives again.
  • 01:48:08: So can we nuke North Korea yet?
  • 02:29:11: RT @BigWestMD: Wait... did the Clips just beat the Hornets? Talk about bi-polar.
  • 02:31:38: Wait a minute.. The Miz is the WWE Champion? And he won it clean? What the fuck? http://youtu.be/HVNorHq88fc
  • 02:31:58: It should be noted that the crowd's reaction was... telling. Good for Miz, but this can't last long.
  • 02:33:32: Sony Ericsson Boss All But Confirms PlayStation Phone: Sony Ericsson’s Bret Nordberg gave very strong weight to ... http://bit.ly/gwOD0Y
  • 02:46:04: Hey, remember that video of a 3 year old girl being accosted by TSA? Well... here it is. http://youtu.be/2TCHSGvNwRY
  • 03:35:15: Disney Interactive’s Graham Hopper Resigns: VentureBeat reports that Graham Hopper, General Manager of Disney In... http://bit.ly/eE49Dj
  • 07:10:17: Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (Microsoft Xbox 360): Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Developer: Konami Publisher: K... http://bit.ly/eDmxzb
  • 15:18:44: Once again, the news sucks today. I don't want "maybes", like "maybe there will be apps on the 360!" Give me FACTS.
  • 21:36:48: Microsoft Will Not Sue Kinect Hackers, Says Kinect Isn’t Hacked Anyway: Microsoft usually likes to play a bit of... http://bit.ly/fFp57s
  • 23:08:47: So the UN wants talks between N and S Korea. I'd say they're well past "talks", you useless bureaucrats.
  • 23:14:08: RT @dmataconis: Breaking: Additional #DWTS votes found in the trunk of a car in Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • 23:16:44: So DWTS is over. Now can we shove that stupid, pandering slut back to Alaska where she belongs?
  • 23:18:12: RT @Jesus_M_Christ: #rememberwhen all the creepy older dudes wanted Miley Cyrus when she wasn't 18? Well, she's 18 now and you're still ...
  • 23:19:26: RT @BreakingNews: 2nd blast at New Zealand mine ends hope of finding survivors (... Fuck. So much for another Chile.)
  • 23:19:45: You know, maybe it IS time to find alternative energy after all... #howmanymineshavetoblowup
  • 23:31:19: Check out this piece of shit cutting and pasting my entire Pro Evolution review without so much as giving credit. http://bit.ly/eXAsiQ
  • 23:39:11: RT @dmataconis: RT @Metalpundit: So, how come we don't get Lap Dancing With the Stars? If culture is going to hell, take it on a rocket ...
  • 23:57:07: Awwww, poor TSA screeners! I have an idea: find a new line of work, you fucking cocksuckers. http://bit.ly/fZSUvf

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