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From Twitter 11-24-2010

  • 07:24:45: Here, have a Black Ops review that doesn't suck. http://bit.ly/fJDQ1S
  • 07:50:20: RT @burning_phoneix: PES2011 Patch is out. Switching between defenders and loose ball recognition seems to be fixed. Needs more game time.
  • 11:24:46: RT @JimSterling: Further proof that 9/11 was a rousing success for those who wanted the West socially crippled and terrified: http://yho ...
  • 12:24:54: Marian Gail Brown wrote an op-ed in @connpost about the TSA that boils down to "whatever, so long as I don't have to wait". What a moron.
  • 12:36:49: We're not even sacrificing liberty for security at this point. We're giving it up for convenience. Americans are sad, pitiful people.
  • 18:52:10: Sometimes, information comes in that you hate to report. This is gonna be one of those times.
  • 19:05:49: The SEC's website sucks a dick. Go figure.
  • 19:41:11: RT @jlist: If we still used floppy disks to install software... http://moe.vg/fneMdt
  • 19:43:28: Here's the stupid, insipid commentary by simple-minded, selfish columnist Marian Gail Brown of @connpost on the TSA: http://bit.ly/eeU0cw
  • 19:44:34: I'm just getting really tired of typical New England "liberals" telling me I'm an asshole for actually expecting dignity and decency.
  • 20:19:32: Chris Bosh is hurt? How can you be hurt if you don't defend?
  • 20:26:05: For those of you criticizing Kobe Bryant being in the Black Ops commercial, remember that he's done this before: http://youtu.be/ojHOiNcp6us
  • 21:59:25: Figures the one time that Sean Avery isn't a complete faggot, he gets punished for it.
  • 22:02:11: RT @BreakingNews: N. Korea rejects proposal for tension-easing officer-level talks proposed by UN command (NOW can we blow them up?)
  • 22:08:01: OK, to hell with news. No one's going to read it on Thanksgiving anyway, and I'm overloaded. That's good news for Southpeak.
  • 22:46:59: This is why you verify your sources before going live, kiddies. Hear that, every other video game news organization? #doyourjobs
  • 23:20:25: That UCONN team looks pretty good for a team that's supposed to suck this year.
  • 23:58:57: RT @billmaher: Palins have such a big sense of entitlement and such a small feeling for how embarassing they are

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