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From Twitter 11-25-2010

  • 01:29:18: Amazon has Arcade Fire's The Suburbs album for $2? SOLD.
  • 01:30:05: Speaking of, when did Black Friday become Black Wednesday and Black Thursday Why The Fuck Aren't You People Watching Football?
  • 01:49:32: I have officially downloaded Lightning Warrior Raidy II. Let's see if it's as bad as the first one.
  • 01:52:53: So far, a lot of the things that were in Raidy 1 made a comeback. Not a good start, guys.
  • 01:57:58: And already, an editing error. Damnit, G-Collections! I hope Demonbane is localized better than ths.
  • 01:58:06: ... *better than this. LOL. I suck.
  • 17:14:06: Thanksgiving dinner: Fun! Having to go home and work through the night: Not fun!
  • 19:37:03: Going through my follow lists, it's surprising when I see interesting people following me for a change, and not just bots and "life coaches"
  • 19:38:07: Seriously. Just what percentage of Twitter users are either "entrepreneurs ", "life coaches", or "hot" women who want me to check their pix?
  • 19:41:43: At this point, I'm going to be glad when #movember is over. I look like the main character from Mall Cop right now.
  • 20:21:30: I know I've quoted this before, but I repeat Carlin: "The wrong two Beatles died first."
  • 20:23:04: Also, Twitter is amazing. Where else could I tell @yokoono what a cunt she is?
  • 20:37:08: OK, I officially need this. http://fangamer.net/products/e-mug
  • 20:51:13: My choices for Thanksgiving sports: Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, Edmonton Oilers. Not exactly a great lin-- wait, the Lions WON!?
  • 20:54:06: Whoops, misread a tweet. Detroit DIDN'T win. Oh well. At least There Will Be Goals tonight in Edmonton.
  • 20:55:18: Wait, the JETS are on? Whoops! That's a pox on my house! I might have to turn that on... naaaaaah. Even if they suck, the Oilers are better
  • 21:00:16: I've once again forgotten how to disable/enable posting at FESS. :(
  • 21:18:17: I see the NHL Gamecentre app has cleaned up its permissions issues and is now blocking streaming for Vault customers. Of course they are.
  • 21:22:42: At least the Edmonton game is on the NHL Network, meaning it's in HD. It's the little things.
  • 22:18:49: Good to see my old ship, the USS George Washington (CVN-73) getting it done in Korea. Knock it out, G-Dub!
  • 22:24:09: Wow. Good thing I didn't vote on one particular game for the Hall of Fame. If I did, I'd have killed it. #itsasecrettoeverybody
  • 22:24:51: Also, the latest Hall of Fame votes show that I might just be a closet Squeenix fan.
  • 22:41:39: Thanksgiving to me is like Christmas: I think the holiday itself is kinda silly, but the benefits far outweigh that intellectual foolishness
  • 22:43:46: I just nominated my game for the Diehard GameFAN Hall of Fame in February. Watch as everyone and their dog goes "NHL wha?"

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