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From Twitter 11-28-2010

  • 10:28:24: Keep the red, Tiger Woods. I'm rocking the Championship Blacks: black shirt, tie, slacks, jacket and a black Bordero. #pimp
  • 17:20:59: RT @avinunu: When are Americans going to start turning their avatars green for Egypt's fraudulent elections?
  • 17:24:35: My knee and ankle barely work at this point, and I am walking like I'm 75. That said? I feel good. Another tourney as the #1 guy, in the bag
  • 17:25:29: Even better us doing the finals with "mr. Sunday" Terrell. I like a partner that doesn't suck.
  • 17:27:01: I'm at Dragon Kitchen. http://4sq.com/csYTPS
  • 18:18:54: Because @twelveicings asked: the final results of #movember moustache. With bonus Championship Blacks. http://yfrog.com/g95lgj
  • 18:44:40: HELP! To my Canadian peeps: I need a stream of the Grey Cup! #goriders #ridingdirty
  • 18:46:42: Never mind! ESPN strikes! It's streaming on ESPN3. Gotta say, good on ESPN!
  • 18:48:34: Much, much credit to @UlrichDesign for giving me a TSN feed of the game. For those interested: http://bit.ly/fXJgz8
  • 18:51:42: Well, that's a bitch. Montreal is up on Saskatoon.
  • 19:05:06: The Grey Cup's halftime show: Bachman & Turner (aka Bachman-Turner Overdrive). Keepin' it maple!
  • 19:05:37: is there irony about me showing my Saskatoon pride while I have an avatar of my early days in the US Navy? I think there is.
  • 19:10:23: RT @KirkNEHJ: I'm beginning to think that this Dustin Byfuglien guy is pretty good. What do you think? (What took everyone else so long?)
  • 19:54:53: I have to admit: the bigger field, one less down and more open offences make the CFL much more fun to watch than the American game.
  • 20:00:53: Saskatchewan is up on Montreal 11-8 at the ha-- wait, where'd the extra point come from?
  • 21:24:24: To Comcast customers: the internet issue is a DNS server error. Workaround by using Google's DNS server of
  • 21:31:13: I come back online to find out that Saskatoon is now DOWN by 10, and Leslie Nielson died. What a shitty 15 minutes.
  • 21:31:59: I repeat to Comcast guys: go into your TCP/IP settings (IPv/4) and change primary DNS to for now. Please RT.
  • 21:32:38: For those wondering, that IP is Google's public DNS.
  • 21:34:33: TOUCHDOWN RIDERS. OK, we need a stop ASAP!
  • 21:41:58: OK, Saskatoon got their stop. Now to do something with it. #greycup
  • 21:44:03: Let me state this: Leslie Nielsen had the best delivery in comedic history. I'm serious. He is a true legend, beyond Naked Gun.
  • 21:48:24: Interception. Game's over, Montreal's won. Fuck.
  • 22:28:47: This should offend everyone that reads it. These website seizures - without warrant, without justification - are evil. http://zd.net/fRLmsz
  • 22:38:58: I'm no Call of Duty fan, but people who don't own them already won't do better than this. http://amzn.to/ieZseE
  • 22:40:25: It is AMAZING how much better I play NHL '11 if I've reffed that day. It easily nets me two more goals a game. I read the play much better.

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