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From Twitter 11-29-2010

  • 01:56:43: If you could go only to one restaurant for the next fi… — Duchess Diner in Stratford. Because my father owns it,… http://4ms.me/f4pCxY
  • 02:01:38: How would you describe your style? — Think Bill Hicks and George Carlin, blended in with a dose of Joe Posnanski a… http://4ms.me/h4A0Cx
  • 14:02:58: RT @ValleyIndy: Wikileaks reveals diplomats are much like anonymous posters on news sites. #thoughtofthedayisfreefeelfreetouse
  • 14:38:30: Am I the only person a little uncomfortable with people calling those that have concerns about the TSA "terrorists"? Really?
  • 15:27:14: RT @DanRyckert: Why is every chick in Sparta so eager to bone a dude that's covered in the ashes of his dead family? Plus, he can't take ...
  • 15:29:30: God DAMNIT, TCU.
  • 15:31:24: Let this past week's happenings - from Boise State's situation to TCU having to go to the Big East - be a reminder of what a scam the BCS is
  • 15:32:11: RT @PhantomZwei: Mass Effect 2 for $9.99 right now at Amazon's Lightning Deals. If you haven't played it, you're actually LOSING MONEY b ...
  • 15:44:50: Also, can someone explain to me how TEXAS Christian University can possibly play in the Big EAST?
  • 15:46:11: I guess the difference with the NCAA between the old days and now is that now, it's blatantly obvious what the NCAA actually is.
  • 15:56:14: Not another one... http://es.pn/frstQz
  • 16:30:34: NBA 2K11 does one thing that infuriates me: constantly makes me play out of position in My Player mode. #iamnotapowerforward
  • 16:31:02: Predictably, when I play my natural in-game position (SF), I play well! As a PF, I play like horseshit. I'm not a post player, period.
  • 17:15:21: RT @Samarecarm: @superbus http://bit.ly/h8j47w - And WE'RE the terrorists for opposing something like this.
  • 17:21:08: RT @ValleyIndy: @mozactly held down the Valley Indy alone for SIX WEEKS while I was off. #thankyou
  • 17:30:50: RT @BreakingNews: WikiLeaks: Ayatollah Khameni has terminal cancer - The Telegraph (Couldn't happen to a nicer cocksucker - Bus)
  • 17:53:09: Pat Riley just rented a canoe. http://es.pn/gtTqb4
  • 18:58:54: RT @BrainLemon: It's going to pass cloture. This Congress continues to do damage even in the lame duck.
  • 20:30:41: SImultaneously working and playing Final Fantasy VII. One guess as to which one's winning.
  • 20:32:19: RT @SPBowley: We need more evidence? RT @ctsportslaw: More evidence that DI college football is big business - great piece... http://tin ...
  • 20:53:10: Since @burning_phoneix has demanded it: my Steam wishlist. http://steamcommunity.com/id/superbus1929/wishlist
  • 21:36:58: Apparently, it's impossible to sort Materia in FFVII. #baddesigndecisions #partylikeits1997
  • 21:48:24: Got a peacemaker! So what happens? Some enemy steals it, then escapes. #finalfantasyvii #heyiwantedthat
  • 23:24:27: I see the weeaboos are out in force at GameFAQs. I'm not huge on San Andreas, but come the fuck on. http://yfrog.com/nbpg40j
  • 23:29:52: "I wonder why everyone hates Yuffie..." *sees and gets Yuffie* "... Oh"

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Nov. 30th, 2010 01:46 pm (UTC)
Only six games on your Steam wishlist? You need at least ten to be eligible to win your five free games.
Nov. 30th, 2010 05:59 pm (UTC)
I love how hard the shit is hitting the fan for the TSA.
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