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From Twitter 11-30-2010

  • 02:13:22: Riot Games Hiring For 100 Positions: Via Industry Gamers, Riot Games, a Los Angeles based developer responsible ... http://bit.ly/fdpugc
  • 02:13:22: Pachter: Microsoft, Sony Fibbing On Kinect/Move Shortages: Both Microsoft and Sony have been applying pressure o... http://bit.ly/h49rN8
  • 02:44:49: Watching The Running Man on Netflix. This is some good shit. Bonus: Two future state governors, in one movie!
  • 04:59:48: Someone's asked me if I'm reporting on the Sony patent that might be for PSP2. Not yet. Why? Because nothing's confirmed, that's why.
  • 13:34:31: RT @JVB: There is false information about the Playstation Move. Sony has not sold 4 million wands/units. Sony has "shipped" that amount.
  • 13:38:47: OK, this NBA2K11 remake of the Michael Jordan "Maybe It's My Fault" commercial is off the hook. http://youtu.be/K5mpDWF4oW8
  • 15:22:05: Even the PENTAGON says DADT doesn't hurt military readiness. OK, @SenJohnMcCain, you're on the clock. Try BSing out of this one.
  • 15:35:58: Microsoft Possibly Readying Television Service For Xbox: http://bit.ly/dUMuti
  • 15:41:39: Obviously not getting much done today, so it's time to kill two birds with one stone: go pay taxes, then to Starbucks to use WiFi.
  • 15:44:39: Here's a good one for my #tlot friends to get lathered up about. http://bit.ly/gKEk4p
  • 16:00:11: Gonna be, to quote @WhitlockJason, riding dirty on Sony in a bit. Locked and loaded, gonna be taking out some of this bullshit in a bit.
  • 17:26:54: I'm thinking of starting some Twitter lists soon, borrowing ideas from @brianlemon and @dmataconis. These are good lists to be in.
  • 17:38:05: RT @burning_phoneix: for @superbus , top 10 Eric cantona quoutes:http://bit.ly/g9nq8M
  • 17:41:01: I don't even think the Miami Heat would be 10-8 without Udonis Haslem. Real hockey mentality here. http://es.pn/fB3pds
  • 17:45:35: It's official. Derek Jeter's negotiations have made Brian Cashman nuts. #cantoverstatehisimpact http://es.pn/gzwH2c
  • 18:18:28: About 85% of the images in a Google Images search of "E3" are of booth babes. I normally approve, but I just need a fucking logo, thanks.
  • 18:36:11: I consider myself a rational, reasoned man, but I admit I must control my urge to scream "FUCK YOU YOU WHORE" when I see Palin's new book.
  • 18:37:30: I don't think I've had that kind of reflex reaction to a woman before. And I've had a woman intentionally bite me during a BJ as revenge.
  • 18:40:07: G4 Secures Exclusive Broadcast Rights To E3 Through 2013: G4TV, the United States based network and website that... http://bit.ly/ezF3NE
  • 18:45:26: Uh-oh. About to ride on some big-time games press. Sixteen in the clip, one in the hole. Sorry, CVG and Industry Gamers (likely more).
  • 18:45:58: As a bonus, I'm actually going to give props and cite/quote my boy @JVB. Gotta look out for one another.
  • 19:06:47: RT @twelveicings: I love that Square Enix and Capcom make available ridiculously huge media assets. (And for free! No paying GP money! <3)
  • 19:15:55: RT @twelveicings: Wait, what? Square's releasing Deux Ex: Human Revolution right next to Dragon Age II? (Do they WANT it to fail!?)
  • 20:11:16: Sony Boasts About Move Shipments, Games Press Falls For It: Sony has sent out a press release crowing about thei... http://bit.ly/gIm0rQ
  • 20:41:52: Electronic Arts’s John Riccitiello Not High On Buying Harmonix: In an interview with Bloomberg, Electronic Arts ... http://bit.ly/eQNojU
  • 20:56:07: ROCKED it today. Rode on some people not doing their jobs in the industry, did the thing on Sony, just kicked ass in general.
  • 22:44:49: Level 3 Accuses Comcast Of Charging Additional Fees For Netflix Streaming: Level 3 Communications, a major partn... http://bit.ly/ezKyHh
  • 23:08:24: Once AGAIN, Julian Assange is in trouble RIGHT after a leak. AGAIN, the timing is suspect. http://bit.ly/hHbWwT
  • 23:08:54: I'm sorry, but it's hard to buy that there are no international conspiracies for a police state when shit like this happens to happen.
  • 23:24:56: Played Shining Soul for the first time today. I feel like I walked in and found a rape victim. What have you done, Sega? What have you done?
  • 23:35:13: Jimmy Carter giving advice on foreign policy? What can POSSIBLY go wrong? http://bit.ly/f4ieKn

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