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From Twitter 12-02-2010

  • 02:00:42: Getting sick has its disadvantages. Now that I'm up, let's check the sco-- oh my GOD. That's insult to injury. I'm so sorry, @twelveicings
  • 04:20:04: Oh for the love of Christ, Dan Gilbert... http://es.pn/f2uUDv
  • 04:20:50: Thank God for Hines Ward saying something that others refuse to say lest they run afoul of the NFL. http://es.pn/fIqld1
  • 04:59:01: Trading in two football games to get Gran Turismo 5. They are not the ones that people would think. #suckstobeyouea
  • 05:06:23: Two iPhone developers are really, really good. One (Chillingo) was eaten by EA. The other has a review go live in over 24 hours. @Gamevil
  • 12:00:58: RT @CMDeB: We should primary Brown so we can lose MA. #teaparty
  • 12:03:21: What the fuck is a Qatar, and how the fuck did they get the World Cup?
  • 13:01:25: Two World Cups will be consecutively held in Russia and whatever the he'll Qatar is, and I'm supposed to think that there wasn't a bribe!?
  • 13:02:07: Also, #damnyouautocorrect
  • 13:17:33: I see twitter is having a tantrum again?
  • 14:30:06: Uh oh. Just read Ars's review of GT5, a game I was about to buy *today* to review. I'm having second thoughts.
  • 14:30:29: From the sounds of multiple people, forget Forza. It's quite possible that GT5 might be inferior to *Shift*.
  • 16:12:09: I think I'm officially overwhemled with work. Fuck me.
  • 16:28:22: RT @CMDeB: Charlie Rangel is 80, I have a soft spot for old folks. (So do I. I give them Werther's Originals. I DO NOT ELECT THEM)
  • 16:49:09: What pisses me off is that I KNOW that the dude that just called me saw my "DO NOT FUCKING BOTHER ME" message on AIM.
  • 17:02:56: So I'm probably going to have about $50-ish dollars in trade-in value after FIFA and Madden go back. Recs? Not sure I want to spend on GT5.
  • 17:10:43: The US is criticizing the lack fo freedoms... in Madagascar? Hey, fuckers! What about OUR freedoms!?
  • 17:11:37: "The US asked Madagascar to respect human freedoms. In response, the military junta killed 14 people "just for shits and giggles.""
  • 20:13:19: Big ovation for Big Z in Cleveland. Good on 'ya, Cleveland. Good on 'ya, Z.
  • 20:17:48: Wow. LeBron did the powder in Cleveland? That's... uh, special. #youstupidfuck
  • 20:25:09: I think I see why Miami isn't playing well. No pickups on defence. No communication. LOTS of settling for jumpers. This won't end well.
  • 20:31:13: RT @raywashere: Disappointed no one has laid out lebron yet. If this was hockey, he would be bloodied by now.
  • 20:35:39: I see Cleveland is playing the Vince Carter defence on Chris Bosh: Whack him hard once, and watch him wilt like a dead flower.
  • 20:48:28: The entire city of Cleveland is now saying "Oh, yeah. Right. We suck."
  • 20:55:25: Just a reminder, Cleveland: Antawn Jamison makes $13.3M this year. #suckstobeyou
  • 21:08:36: Wow, so LeBron's not only all the things that they've said about him, he's a diving little bitch, too?
  • 21:13:51: I think the main reason England and the US did so poorly is because the other countries hate England and the US. Simple as that.
  • 22:10:41: RT @JPosnanski: People kept asking Cleveland fans not to embarrass themselves. Good thing. The Cavs players have taken that role for the ...
  • 22:11:38: RT @OldHossRadbourn: The players on the Cavaliers warmly embracing L. James is like writing a thank-you note to the prostitute who gave ...

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Dec. 3rd, 2010 08:15 pm (UTC)
fuck yah im going to Qatar 2022
I'll be 32 O_o

if you don't want anyone to talk to you on AIM, why are you on there.
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