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From Twitter 12-06-2010

  • 00:01:54: As a former serviceman I have to ask... what's the problem? http://usat.ly/guT7N3
  • 00:18:10: RT @ErikaS981: And you all thought you were doing something good by changing your profile pic to a cartoon... http://bit.ly/fiBl0O
  • 02:30:46: Sometimes, the things that pop across my @jlist feed scare the shit out of me. http://bit.ly/gz2A2G (NWS?)
  • 02:33:06: RT @twelveicings: @superbus I think I was more amused/scared by this http://bit.ly/elHGXS (aaaaAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH - Bus)
  • 14:25:34: What the FUCK did I do to my ankle, and why the FUCK can I not walk? I literally hurt myself *in my sleep*!
  • 15:10:01: "Sonic Colours isn't everything it could have been"... so it got an eight!?
  • 15:59:24: Michael Pachter said something stupid again. #chaching
  • 16:01:47: As dapper as I looked in my first Navy picture (not counting basic), it's time to move on from that meme. Have a Championship Blacks 'Bus.
  • 16:14:28: Pat Gillick's going to the Hall of Fame? Really? PAT FUCKNIG GILLICK!? http://es.pn/flHm9l
  • 16:15:58: Pat Gillick got in and Marvin Miller didn't? They're intentionally waiting for him to die. It's just another form of collusion. #irony
  • 18:34:42: Absolutely fascinating piece by @ValleyIndy on the River Restaurant explosion of 1985. http://bit.ly/fj2In0
  • 18:36:56: RT @jdeloma: rt @USABreakingNews CNET News: MasterCard blocking payments to WikiLeaks. http://bit.ly/eldox1 (What. The. FUCK. - Bus)
  • 18:38:07: Sorry, @wikileaks, can't justify your "doomsday" files bullshit. Either release the files or not. Don't hold them hostage.
  • 18:40:49: So both the Republicans AND the Democrats are going to scuttle the tax deal. We can't do anything in this country anymore.
  • 18:41:14: The Republicans refuse to budge on tax cuts. Democrats refuse to budge on unemployment benefits. Will one of you two please grow up?
  • 18:41:42: It's easy: we give the unemployed the benefits to get them through until the job creators take their breaks to make them jobs. Easy! Easy!
  • 21:14:35: Hey Metacritic, how can a game have a 95 critic score if there's no critic reviews? http://bit.ly/fRm9Hi
  • 21:16:25: I'm not going to report this - it isn't news - but holy shit, does Zynga make my skin crawl. http://bit.ly/eQ2XJe
  • 21:24:32: Pachter: PSP2 “Dead On Arrival”, 3DS Not Looking Hot Either: My readers might wonder why I haven’t reported on t... http://bit.ly/fuErwr
  • 21:53:57: There's a new Dreamcast game in the works. Oh yeah, I'm all over that.
  • 21:55:06: Microsoft: Kinect Shortages Not Managed: In response to Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter accusing both Microsoft... http://bit.ly/dT2sMt
  • 22:51:56: RT @giselleshubby That's right, bitches. We're still the New England Mothafuckin' Patriots. #represent #howsmyhairlooknow
  • 22:56:14: Well, look at the bright side, Jets fans... at least this game won't go to Overtime.
  • 23:36:17: 45-3, Patriots over the Jets. Hiroshima wasn't this one-sided.

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