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From Twitter 12-07-2010

  • 00:00:53: RT @billmaher: Seeing Palin kill that moose,a creature with a far higher I Q, inspired hate for her beyond what even I thought I was cap ...
  • 00:28:03: redspotgames Announces New Sega Dreamcast Shooter: Today, German-based publisher redspotgames announced on Germa... http://bit.ly/gDnkdY
  • 01:29:54: Sony Releases Firmware Update 3.55, Update Fixes Absolutely Nothing: Sony has today pushed out version 3.55 of t... http://bit.ly/eidA61
  • 01:38:13: RT @jlist: Awesome Macross artbook I owned back in high school. http://moe.vg/elFp0f (THIS was anime! - Bus)
  • 02:32:37: Fallout: New Vegas Patch Rolled Out To Platform Holders: According to a Facebook post made on the official Fallo... http://bit.ly/eO5MqM
  • 03:02:56: I'd like to thank Sony. Because they don't tell their users shit, everyone's getting info on firmware 3.55 from us! :D http://bit.ly/dKr60d
  • 03:08:25: Oh God, there's Black Ops news, too? #chaching
  • 03:14:09: Oh, wait, the COD news is ancient. Nevermind.
  • 03:33:56: There is no fucking god. #zynga http://bit.ly/gqfg9f
  • 03:40:55: Oh, this is going to be fun. About to ride on two of my least favourite companies: Gamestop and IGN. Sixteen in the clip, motherfuckers.
  • 03:47:15: \@twelveicings Basically, the only reason they would is money. But how can we ever trust what IGN says ever again?
  • 05:07:04: IGN, GameStop Enter Into Online Service Agreement: An interesting deal was struck yesterday that could turn one ... http://bit.ly/esGoXj
  • 05:35:29: Well, looks like it's put up or shut up time for Wikileaks. What shameful conduct by America's bitches-- er, allies.
  • 12:43:38: I really hate my country today. It's blatant what's going on, and very few people care or can see the bigger picture. #wikileaks
  • 12:46:20: Know this: if Julian Assange isn't guilty, they will find a way to keep him detained. And if he does go free, someone eise will detain him.
  • 12:49:44: No one gave a shit about WIkileaks when they were going after Somalians or Bank Julius Baer. Or Scientology. Now, they're a big thing.
  • 13:17:21: Does ANYONE pay attention to my AIM away message, or do I have to smack a motherfucker?
  • 13:35:53: RT @CMDeB: I cringe when people talk about "loving" a politician.
  • 14:07:41: RT @dmataconis: “In a free society, we are supposed to know the truth. In a society where truth becomes treason, we are in big trouble,” ...
  • 14:39:03: RT @Gawker: U.S. Will Briefly Stop Persecuting Reporters to Host World Press Freedom Day http://gawker.com/5708417/
  • 15:29:55: For those wondering how low the US Government will stoop to take out Wikileaks, look back at what they did to MLK.
  • 16:32:05: RT @BreakingNews: Police evacuate Pearl Harbor Visitor Center after finding suspicious package http://bit.ly/hkvwtu (TODAY!? Fuck)
  • 16:32:35: For those unaware, today is Pearl Harbor Day in the US, to commemorate the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Surprised how many don't know.
  • 16:53:06: All I can say is that John Edwards wishes he was half the person his wife was. RIP.
  • 17:58:01: RT @twelveicings: What... Just, why. RT @mikeoncrime BREAKING - Bail has just been granted to Graham James. (Today just sucks all over. WTF)
  • 17:58:32: Australia Approves Major Step In Getting 18+ Games Rating: According to a report by Australia’s Sunday Telegraph... http://bit.ly/eIswah
  • 19:12:05: RT @alqaeda: I'm just glad I never had sex with anyone in Sweden. If I had, I'd probably be in custody by now. http://bit.ly/grMaHZ
  • 19:20:30: RT @operationsports: EA CFO: Users Spending Up To $700 on FIFA Ultimate Team http://bit.ly/eN4tax (You stupid, stupid motherfuckers - Bus)
  • 20:58:44: Yet another stupid motherfucker who doesn't know the subject matter at hand thinks the first amendment is optional. http://bit.ly/gZbx5l
  • 21:10:24: Are we sure Bill Clinton can't run again?

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Dec. 8th, 2010 10:53 pm (UTC)
I'm really excited for you, and Imma let you finish, but 9/11 was the worst attack on the US of all time!
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