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From Twitter 12-08-2010

  • 05:19:25: So the poor are the ones getting their taxes increased under the new tax deal. NOW we can all yell at Obama. http://nyti.ms/hsF0Nm
  • 07:13:14: The irony is that the poor who are angry about their taxes only have themselves to blame. They either didn't vote or went red. You earned it
  • 14:10:21: RT @shanaqui: I really should learn that you can never take a routine battle for granted in Persona 4. Ugh.
  • 14:36:45: Urban Meyer: the Brett Favre of college football.
  • 15:53:28: RT @BrainLemon: WikiLeaks supporters vow to take down Twitter. Guess this means they are going to hold a soccer tournament.
  • 15:57:12: What's ironic is that Democrats are finally getting tough... on their own President. You idiots have it bass-ackwards.
  • 16:09:51: Um... Anthony Weiner? You got your ass handed to you by Megyn Kelly. That's like losing a rap battle to Carrot Top. http://bit.ly/hQSc7H
  • 16:27:38: Since I'm always so negative about it, I'll say one good thing NHL '11 patched in: slashing penalties when you break or knock out a stick.
  • 17:09:29: Good job by @JimSterling on how to make the PSP2 not suck. Sony! Pay attention! Please? http://bit.ly/ij4mth
  • 18:01:13: Hey @yokoono! I haven't seen enough of your leering, manipulating face today! C'mon! Milk John Lennon more! You can do it, you horrid bitch!
  • 23:22:32: I'm going through @Samarecarm withdrawl. :(
  • 23:22:44: RT @eirinn22: Sarah Palin calls Julian Assange "unamerican". Let's file that under "no shit, Sherlock".

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