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From Twitter 12-10-2010

  • 00:36:47: How has no one in Fred Phelps' clan been shot yet? I'm serious. They believe in the 1st amendment, well, a lot of people believe in #2.
  • 00:58:12: Nice little tribute at the end of this (very good) piece to Leslie Nielsen by - of all people - @seanbabydotcom. http://bit.ly/erLpjl
  • 01:09:15: Things you never want to say: "I really feel sorry for the Calgary Flames"
  • 15:18:59: My Facebook account was compromised? And Facebook caught it? OK, gotta give credit there, they locked things down.
  • 15:28:49: A lot of people bitch at me because I don't respond to certain comments or emails. Here's why, via @oatmeal http://bit.ly/f4ydqW
  • 15:33:34: Wed: Worked from 5:30AM until about 3:30AM. Thur: Worked from 7:30AM until about 6AM. Fri: Crash until 2:30PM. <3 self employment.
  • 15:39:22: I applaud @SenatorSanders for his principles. They are doing larger damage as a whole, and are misguided, but I applaud his resolve.
  • 15:41:25: For those wondering, @SenatorSanders is handling the #filibuster the way it should be handled. Not the way people like @SenJohnMcCain do.
  • 15:49:32: There's a paragraph in this story that explains the problem with *modern* Islam. See if you can find it. http://bit.ly/aZtmsE
  • 16:06:22: I see the freaks were out at Wikipedia again! (Click for full-size) http://yfrog.com/h4qp4wj
  • 16:32:58: Wow. So I didn't pass my USA Hockey closed book exam because of shit in the basic manual? Are they telling me I don't know procedure?
  • 16:33:29: They're saying I don't know how to conduct a face-off! I'M A FUCKING COLLEGE LINESMAN! I'VE WORKED PROFESSIONAL HOCKEY! ARE YOU SERIOUS?
  • 16:36:45: Now, because I missed a closed book exam by ONE question - no retest - I'm all of a sudden a level 2 again? USA Hockey is a piece of shit.
  • 16:37:23: Apparently, I'm good enough to work every single level of hockey except the AHL, NHL... and USA Hockey's midgets. That's something else.
  • 16:38:46: Tell you what, USA Hockey. Come watch me work a semi professional or college game. Then tell me how good of an official I am.
  • 16:39:30: I'll bet I'm 10X more qualified to work a good game than some "level 3" official that can't skate, but got his procedure questions right.
  • 16:40:26: Or, let's try this: "You've worked what kind of hockey? You've worked playoff games in what leagues? OK, you're a level 4. Congrats!"
  • 17:22:39: RT @ErikaS981: No shit,snow?It is Connecticut people,it happens every year-same bat time,same bat place.If you're gonna get that f... ht ...
  • 18:48:09: I've figured out how to do autotune: while singing, whack yourself in the throat. Just try it!
  • 18:49:37: RT @the_pc_doc: If Microsoft HAD purchased Facebook I'd have binned my account, burned the cookies & buried my PC in concrete. And then ...
  • 18:54:50: Dear CNN: The filibuster is bigger news than you're making it out to be. Dear Yahoo: Where's the news? And who cares about Jenn Sterger!?
  • 19:06:00: RT @dmataconis: Dear Senators: That was a filibuster. Your phony little cloture votes don't fool anybody
  • 19:06:29: I repeat myself: @SenatorSanders's ideas are wrong. But his resolve should be applauded and copied.
  • 19:28:00: Tonight, I will go all out: one (1) glass of plum wine. Somewhere in Virginia, @dmataconis is calling me a pussy.
  • 19:41:41: Created four new lists, and propagated them with people I follow. Credit to @dmataconis and @BrianLemon for the inspiration for 2 of them.
  • 20:35:50: When is Alexei Kovalev going to go back to Russia where he belongs? What a bitch. http://bit.ly/e8ARQU
  • 23:53:26: Can we ask the Harper government to step in and take over the Flames? Someone needs to intervene. The Sutters have ruined them. This is bad.
  • 23:54:27: Hasn't Harper learned some tricks on taking over an insurgent region that doesn't put up a fight from Bush? He should be able to handle CGY.

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