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From Twitter 12-11-2010

  • 01:21:27: Reports of the demise of the Miami Heat seem to have been greatly exaggera-- oh, wait, it was the Warriors? Never mind.
  • 16:34:24: Deathsmiles is exceptional. Excellent shmup, and it's definitely worth $40 new.
  • 21:00:15: RT @KirkNEHJ: Enough with the f-ing blaming the victim on hits from behind or sucker punches. "Esteemed" hockey media did it when Aaron ...
  • 21:00:25: RT @KirkNEHJ: And some of them are doing it tonight with Jody Shelley's hit on McQuaid. Being a complete dumb@ss doesn't absolve you fro ...
  • 21:04:03: Enjoy your Heisman for the next four years you will have it, Cam Newton. Did your dad get a performance bonus?
  • 21:04:27: RT @BigWestMD: So nobody looked at Cam Newton's acceptance speech before this? Not his agent...? Err, nevermind.
  • 21:20:51: Fuck the VGAs, fuck Prototype 2, and double-fuck Dane Cook.
  • 21:23:00: Question: if everyone I talk to in our industry haves the VGAs with a passion... Why are they still done? Who IS paying attention to them?
  • 23:52:58: So what actual news came out of the VGAs? I'll find out from you all because I refuse to e blackmailed into watching stupid bullshit.

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