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From Twitter 12-12-2010

  • 02:58:53: Tiger Woods '11 actually won an award? What the fuck did it run against, Custer's Revenge?
  • 03:00:15: RT @twelveicings: What? There were awards given out? (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHA - Bus)
  • 03:20:14: Holy shit, a storm so bad that it shut *MINNESOTA* down? That's a bad fucking storm.
  • 04:05:05: I command all of my gaming followers to follow @DevilOfSparda, AKA @twelveicings, Kyuusei, and Liz Maas of @rpgfancom. She's brilliant.
  • 04:05:58: It also helps that @DevilOfSparda is one of my best friends ever, and that I love her dearly. But even if you don't, she's worth a follow.
  • 20:17:47: Hey, what's this feeling? Oh right, it's my old friend "crippling, debilitating depression"! No wonder I was in bed for 15 hours. #useless
  • 20:36:40: On the brighter side of things, Bloodsport (replayed at 9 on Versus, @sportsguy33) makes me want to play the NES game Flying Dragon.
  • 21:02:35: RT @TheGoalieGuild: Way to destroy your goalie's confidence, Boudreau. I wish I knew his thought process in that second period. Kinda me ...
  • 21:21:19: WHY. IS. VARLAMOV. IN. THIS. GAME.
  • 21:23:43: So the Knicks get the Heat and Celtics this week? We're about to find out if that winning streak is legit.
  • 21:40:21: I've received a report that the light on Rt. 34 that goes to Rt. 8 North in Derby, before Home Depot, is out. #cttraffic @ValleyIndy
  • 23:18:18: PROTIP: If you've written two things for us in as many years, I wouldn't bother asking about getting PR contacts.
  • 23:27:12: I've seen five dollar hookers put up better resistance than the "WE NEED A STOP NOW" Dallas run defence.

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Dec. 13th, 2010 09:40 pm (UTC)
I've seen five dollar hookers put up better resistance than the "WE NEED A STOP NOW" Dallas run defence.
Five dollar hookers tried to resist you? Damn bro

Also, I know that the East Coast is not as bad the north-midwest, but I am scared of the snow this Jan. :/ Got any protips for that?!
Dec. 14th, 2010 08:13 am (UTC)
Baiscally, watch how you drive (go slow and for fuck's sake leave the cell phone off), watch how THEY drive, and not to get directly behind a sand truck unless you want shit hitting your car.
Dec. 14th, 2010 03:41 pm (UTC)
But I won't have a car there lol
Which is good, I am not sure I want to deal with driving in the snow. Or in a congested city even without snow.
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