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From Twitter 12-13-2010

  • 02:32:23: RT @DevilOfSparda: @DHGFAileen Square Enix USA sucks hard (Fixed that for 'ya, hon. :D)
  • 03:02:43: Are my friends really falling for this Acai weight loss scam? Really? Normally smart people at that?
  • 03:08:58: This (PDF) is the level of administrative bullshit it takes to get a gun in Derby, CT. Note the stacked admin costs. http://bit.ly/gF5Ll8
  • 03:25:35: RT @kressaty: There is such a huge market for Internet security right now. (Reminder, I have affordable rates, everyone! - Bus)
  • 03:42:23: Is there an anime nowadays that DOESN'T try to sell itself on nothing but sex? Anything? Bueller?
  • 04:03:35: RT @spam: In other words: the "acai berry" spam attack looks to be connected w/ the Gawker hack rather than a worm. http://t.co/vkUpbMk
  • 06:08:31: This fucking bill *passed*? Bad Tokyo! Bad! http://bit.ly/h9GIex
  • 07:53:32: Hey Bridgeport. Have you ever considered that maybe your city DOES look like shit? I pass it every day. It looks like shit. #familyguy
  • 07:54:07: And don't even get me started on the fact that you're apparently too stupid to run a proper election. #bridgeport #family guy
  • 08:36:42: Australian Government Delays R18+ Rating: On December 10th (this past Friday), as I reported before the weekend,... http://bit.ly/gleZYc
  • 09:38:34: Gawker Network Account Details Stolen; Users of Kotaku Affected: Gawker yesterday confirmed an earlier report by... http://bit.ly/f5PcZg
  • 09:38:38: "This is pretty much the greatest gif ever". Co-signed. http://bit.ly/ggJ8Gf #nhl #kovalchuk

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