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From Twitter 12-14-2010

  • 01:40:23: Let's see, what'd I miss today... Obamacare is unconstitutional, and Cliff Lee signed with the Mystery Team? Well, shit!
  • 01:42:54: I'm GIDDY that Cliff Lee went with his heart and spurned tho-- wait, I'm a Mets fan! This is a horrible day! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!!! #fuck
  • 01:58:10: RT @oldgamereviewer: The Phillies Vs. Red Sox in the 2011 WS. No reason to even play the season.
  • 02:06:07: Woah, they're still doing stuff with the Microsoft Game Room? Well, that's surprising. Wish they'd TELL US!
  • 02:44:47: "This one hurts more than LeBron" @Ian_OConnor, shut the hell up. Neither LeBron or Cliff Lee "hurt" a city of champs. http://es.pn/ic4iJl
  • 03:07:24: I'm not sure how to really write my Score Rush review without just saying "METAL AND BULLETS. FUCKING AWESOME."
  • 04:27:57: RT @DanRyckert: This dude is doing the new Facebook profile right http://i.imgur.com/x2npK.jpg
  • 05:25:24: RT @Vikborg: @connpost @Vikborg no sand trucks in sight Bridgeport Easton Trumbull, very slick #cttraffic
  • 05:36:15: I'm looking at the new SMB 25th Anniversary shots. Is it me, or is Nintendo selling a 15 year old SNES title for $30?
  • 06:52:06: Good news for Minecraft fans, though Markus Perrson looks too much like me without glasses, I thought it WAS me. http://bit.ly/fU7jFe
  • 06:52:28: Like, I literally went "why is my picture in Develo-- oh". That's freaky. #noidontlooklikedrewcareyyouassholes
  • 06:59:55: Hey Jeff Passan, why don't you stop talking for awhile, champ? http://yhoo.it/g0WMrj
  • 07:12:52: RT @jlist: Americans of course fail at this, unable to understand the "no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to an ...
  • 07:13:04: RT @connpost: Only one lane is open on Route 8 Southbound because of an accident involving a box truck between exits 3 and 2. #cttraffic
  • 08:05:42: RT @connpost: Click here to watch the video of @MayorBillFinch defending Bridgeport against #FamilyGuy: http://bit.ly/f1Fcsy (Slow day - Bus
  • 13:40:43: As a Mets fan and a Mariners fan, I feel like I lost *twice* with Lee going to the Phillies. At least we turned him into Justin Smoak.
  • 14:08:24: RT @edropple: Only 7 days left to pay what you want for the Humble Indie Bundle! http://t.co/dM7JKSp via @Humble
  • 14:31:35: Anyone thinking of a cheap gift idea (hint, hint), well... http://www.humblebundle.com/
  • 15:32:13: Thorough piece on Nik Lidstrom by Pierre LeBrun. Nothing new here, but Lidstrom needs all the attention he can get. http://es.pn/dRPLuY
  • 18:59:52: Dear Pro-Life people: Sorry, guys. But any argument for taking away stem-cell research has just been killed. http://huff.to/gvmTUT
  • 20:33:08: I think I fucked up buying Decimation X3. Not only is it not as good as Score Rush, but now I can't get Pinball FX tables + Guwange.
  • 20:35:26: Good news, Yankees fans! You got Mark Prior! ... Wait, it's not 2003?
  • 21:19:42: Some of these @konami ports on the Microsoft Game Room are shit. Pooyan doesn't have a lot of sound, other games messed up sound... WTH?
  • 22:18:05: Dear HomSec and Neocons: Shove it. http://bit.ly/ijAVhh

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