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From Twitter 12-15-2010

  • 11:49:33: RT @Psymin1: On OS, and read a comment that is actually intelligent, and makes me want to go look up more info on the topic. Who's it by ...
  • 14:31:35: LOL! The Air Force blocked the New York Times! Newsflash, generals: the troops aren't as dumb as you think. http://reut.rs/hgr1Oj
  • 14:46:47: RT @nickgillespie: A day in the life of Pfc. Bradley Manning, accused but not convicted of giving docs to WikiLeaks http://ht.ly/3pNbH
  • 15:44:30: I'm falling asleep at the coffeeshop while trying to work, and my knee is locked up. This is bad. BTW, I skate three games alone tonight.
  • 15:54:43: It's shocking just how little of what is reported as news in this industry is actually news. "So and so says his game is good". No shit!
  • 15:55:22: Oh, here's another common one: "Company shill X says that the products of companies Y and Z suck, confirms his product cures cancer".
  • 16:00:52: Oooh! One more! "Company talking head says that Game X might come out eventually. We will now breathlessly report this as a solid gold fact"
  • 16:01:22: And yes, I'm looking at you, everyone who reported Game Informer's Sega interview about the Dreamcast Collection without fact-finding first.
  • 16:56:54: OnLive Granted Patent For Cloud Gaming Technology: Streaming video game service OnLive has been granted what is ... http://bit.ly/f1lF6Q

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