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From Twitter 12-18-2010

  • 04:42:33: Entertainment Weekly is still relevant? http://bit.ly/gIx1pY #deathtoprint
  • 04:45:37: Dear Japan: Stop appealing to us. You can't do it. Just do your thing, and we'll get what's good however we can. http://bit.ly/hTD0Cw
  • 05:44:28: Sunderland vs. Bolton in a couple hours. This is a HUGE match for European consideration. Who'da thunk it?
  • 05:48:04: I've had about 130 accounts try to sign up for FESS in the past week. 127 of them were outright spam accounts. Fuck that noise.
  • 05:48:44: I never remembered this much spam bombardment from when I was running the place all those years.
  • 10:22:52: Here's something novel: network news actively makes people *less informed about the news* http://bit.ly/hi5TMr
  • 10:24:43: Just read the details on Bill 156. You know who I blame for that bill passing? The west. That's right, I blame Americans.
  • 10:25:31: If Americans weren't forcing the market to shift towards horseshit like KissXSis and Ladies Vs. Butlers, that bill wouldn't have had support
  • 10:26:05: But no, because the inmates - on both sides, but mostly America - are running the asylum, the only thing that sells is borderline porn.
  • 10:26:41: So that's all that gets made for the most part. Hence, why the non-otaku - who are very socially conscious - are taking over.
  • 10:30:51: To summarize, just take one look at Sankaku Complex, and you will immediately realize why Tokyo regulated anime like this. It's no wonder.
  • 10:44:41: Wasn't @SenJohnMcCain for DADT repeal some time ago? He must be behind on the polls, he doesn't know who to pander to anymore!
  • 10:50:36: Sorry, Obama haters, but if it's @SenJohnMcCain or @BarackObama in the White House, I'll still take Obama every day of the week.
  • 22:46:48: Don't Ask, Don't Tell is dead. Thank God our country grew up. Sad to say I had to be convinced.

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