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From Twitter 12-19-2010

  • 15:10:10: Ah, Zack Grienke's been traded! Let's see who New York gave up to get hi-- wait, MILWAUKEE?!
  • 15:23:31: So I take it the Michael Vick honeymoon is over?
  • 16:18:11: Well now! That's a good way to start the game!
  • 16:19:09: Wait, the Giants gave that lead up? How? Is Eli Manning colourblind?
  • 16:23:32: Don't ever fool yourself into thinking the NFL cares about its players safety. @ChrisWarcraft http://es.pn/grUqJc
  • 16:23:52: Wait, the Giants LOST!?!?!? My GOD. What the hell happened?
  • 22:47:22: RT @dmataconis: People Should Just Follow the Rules on Immigration, Right? http://bit.ly/f5IFLJ (Must read. Really. - Bus)

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