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From Twitter 12-24-2010

  • 01:40:19: God Fucking Damnit, Squeenix. http://bit.ly/hgoITH
  • 01:47:46: Um... Mr. Pachter? I don't see how being wrong helps investors, either. You dumb blowhard. http://bit.ly/hoE9Iz
  • 01:50:32: "My job is not to talk to journalists, it's to talk to investors". Then why are you always talking to journalist? Like, every day ?
  • 01:50:53: And didn't you just have a massive expose in the Escapist where you admitted that part of your job is playing the press like a fiddle?
  • 02:40:45: Oh no. I went from passing out to having a jones to write in the span of two hours. This will not end well.
  • 02:42:36: Ever have a friend who you have to tell "sorry, but they're not listening to you"? That's how I feel about Free Press. http://bit.ly/ewUu8q
  • 09:05:07: Review: Score Rush (Xbox Live Indie Games): Author's note: it was exceptionally tempting to just make my entire ... http://bit.ly/gsTliq
  • 13:38:22: I liked a YouTube video -- 2002 Olympics Gold Medal Game Canada Vs. USA http://youtu.be/svkK4JVtpTE?a
  • 18:19:06: Some day, I will be cool enough to be called a racist by this @realbrother0003 guy. Then, I'll finally become a Newtype.
  • 18:24:45: According to Twitter, I have 389 tweets. Yeah, maybe the past three DAYS. #myepenisneedsattention
  • 18:55:39: Dear family: yes, I suck at wrapping gifts. No, I don't give a shit. #dealwithit
  • 18:56:03: Maybe if you fuckers would join the digital age, I could send you a redeemable coupon. You don't have to wrap email!
  • 22:33:19: RT @OldHossRadbourn: One day we will look back at "A Christmas Story" and be so happy that finally the horrendous baby boomers and their ...
  • 22:36:58: It's actually weird seeing @jenamcpaddon on tv months after I started following her. #notacablevisionsubscriber

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