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From Twitter 12-25-2010

  • 02:16:56: I nearby dub myself King of nail'd in my family.
  • 13:56:23: I just spent anything I got for Christmas, and then some, on my web hosting for another year. Ouch. That one fucking hurts.
  • 14:49:53: Thanks for potentially spoiling Panty and Stocking, Japanator. >:[
  • 14:59:38: I don't like that the NBA has Christmas games, but I'm watching them anyway. Maybe I'm just a giant hypocrite.
  • 15:13:55: Wow! The one week I don't religiously follow @ValleyIndy, I find out I win Valley Tweeter of the Year. Awesome! http://bit.ly/i9bN85
  • 17:54:47: Dear @billmaher: You have 364 other days to push the envelope on churches. Let the Christians have their day. Please?
  • 17:57:08: Co-signed RT @dmataconis: @superbus You know, I'm an atheist, but dick moves like what @billmaher tweeted on Christmas are just stupid
  • 18:15:33: I'd like to see the backlash over this cable leak. C'mon, Liebermann! Oh, wait, it's only Panama. http://reut.rs/eGL33L
  • 18:23:20: It's Christmas evening. Probably not the time when I should potentially be making career decisions.

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