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From Twitter 12-26-2010

  • 04:00:02: I just woke up. This is going to be one fun Boxing Day.
  • 04:03:04: Trying out Joomla via their test bed. This is pointless. I might as well set up my own staging area, where at least I have all of my options
  • 05:08:58: "Now I 'aint sayin' she's a gold digger, uh, but she 'aint hangin' wit no broke niggas..." http://reut.rs/eFdYdm
  • 06:08:50: Few hours before I leave for my game at Harbour Yard. My current task: watching Sailor Moon R. I'm hardcore like that. #twentyyearsbehind
  • 08:54:53: If the "motherboard" problem with my main PC turns out to be a HDD issue, I'm going to fucking explode.
  • 08:55:27: I'll be doubly pissed at myself because that's actually what @warbiany suggested, but I didn't think that possible considernig the issues.
  • 10:37:51: Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom is $17 at Amazon. Meanwhile, I got my brother's copy for $40. #fuckgamestop
  • 10:42:39: Do I stick around for the Sound Tigers game after the pregame, or do I head out? I think the weather will decide for me.
  • 10:43:28: Oh, wait, the World Juniors start today, and Canada plays at 3:30? To hell with Bridgeport, I'm getting out of there as fast as possible!
  • 10:44:46: Pussies! RT @BreakingNews: NFL considers postponing Vikings-Eagles game due to weather - NBC Sports http://bit.ly/hWp3sV
  • 10:51:28: Sorry I can't feel sorry for the Philadelphia Eagles, I'm about to head out into #snowpocalypse to referee one Squirt B game.
  • 11:34:32: RT @webjournalist: RT @kensands: RT @BorowitzReport: BREAKING: Winter Weather Expected to Dominate Conversations of Boring People
  • 11:37:00: Get on it, @spbowley! You're slacking! RT @ValleyIndy: Any agreed upon hash tag for the CT snowstorm?
  • 12:19:55: I didn't think the room they would give me could be worse than Hartford's. I was wrong. Never doing this shit again. This is a dump.
  • 15:33:59: Maybe having a game the day of #snowpocalypse wasn't a great idea... http://yfrog.com/hss10aj
  • 15:35:20: There can't be 1,000 people here, and I still got stuck with screaming loons. I'm getting a new seat at intermission.
  • 15:37:24: There can't be 1000 people here, and I still got stuck with the screaming assholes. Definitely getting a new seat for the 2nd.
  • 16:07:40: Reffing as often as I do, I don't get many chances to see how clueless and stupid most people at hockey games are. Yeesh.
  • 18:40:32: Is it me, or does Clay Matthews look suspiciously like Steve Lattimer from The Program?
  • 19:01:42: Are the Giants the worst good team we've seen in years? Seriously. For as good as they're supposed to be, they suck.
  • 19:29:23: I tried shoveling show. it came back stronger. I think it's laughing at me at this point. #homeforthenight

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