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From Twitter 12-28-2010

  • 00:06:33: Dear Chris Osgood haters. Stuff it. The man is a Hall of Famer whether you like it or not. Reaching 400 only confirms what we already know.
  • 09:49:48: Wow, someone just declared war on 4chan? That takes balls. http://bit.ly/e64MR0
  • 10:21:43: Apparently, despite getting all of the big-name Wii games this year, my youngest brother is completely obsessed with nail'd. That's a trip.
  • 10:22:38: To put that into perspective, on a day when he got Kirby, Metroid and DKC, we stayed until 3:30AM on Christmas morning doing races.
  • 10:45:21: We incarcerate 702 people per 100,000 of our population in the United States. And we're supposed to be a civilized nation?
  • 10:49:35: I got that stat from a cable describing Russia's brutal prison system. And you all say Wikileaks is bad? http://bit.ly/ho4vU1
  • 11:17:12: The more SCOTUS decisions I actually read, the more I think that maybe they're not as sarcosanct as they're made out to be.
  • 11:27:16: Between Wade Redden and Brian Rolston, the NHL's salary cap rules are broken and need to change. Those two will never play NHL hockey again.
  • 13:48:10: Dear DADT opposers: I have never once seen someone erect in a communal shower. And I've seen a lot of dick! http://bit.ly/fOBhu2
  • 13:59:59: Who knew Michael Moore had such sway? http://bit.ly/heHt6x
  • 14:01:30: In 1963, the NFL played through the JFK Assassination. In 2010, the NFL cancelled a game due to snow. Maybe Gov. Rendell is onto something.
  • 14:44:58: One thing @TheGoalieGuild desperately needs: a search engine. Wanted to see if he's said anything about Benjamin Conz on his site.
  • 14:46:45: Congratulations to Calgary Flames fans for being rid of Darryl Sutter. The error is over. Free at last.
  • 15:42:16: This feature at Gamasutra shows everything that's wrong with current casual games, and those that play them. http://bit.ly/gernxH
  • 15:49:05: Let's just say I don't think JAST's next big game is a hit. http://bit.ly/hWuSq6
  • 16:29:15: Nice interference call on that accidental-on-purpose crash of the net by Canada there. #WHJC
  • 16:32:14: RT @kluedeke29: Another very strong penalty kill by Canada. About as effective while a man down as you can be without scoring a shortie.
  • 16:40:25: Bang, bang. Two PP goals for Canada, and I question Novotny's mental focus on the PK. Way too deep on that last one. @TheGoalieGuild
  • 17:14:47: Can someone please tell me when the IIHF decided that a hard hit became worthy of a five and dime? That was a clean hit by Kassian. #WJHC
  • 17:37:51: Just a reminder, Europe: This is our game. #hockeycanada #WJHC
  • 18:09:40: Etrian Odyssey III peeps: why should I retire people?
  • 18:10:46: The rout is on. #WJHC
  • 18:12:35: As fun as this is to watch, the Czechs need to get Novotny out of there. #WJHC
  • 18:47:27: RT @mikkohypponen: Note: twitter.com-social.com has nothing to do with Twitter, although it looks like it does. It's a spam site. See ht ...
  • 19:41:24: RT @kluedeke29: One word to describe Adam Larsson's skating: smooth (If this kid doesn't go #1, someone screwed up - Bus)
  • 19:58:03: Trying to get achievements in the 360 version of Columns. Then, I realized "Oh, wait! I hate Columns!"
  • 20:51:37: One thing that sucks about trying to start a website: coding. I'm a writer, not a coder, and it shows.
  • 21:16:08: RT @JazzShaw: Personal note: Congrats to my nephew Danny who has been accepted as a U.S. Army Ranger as of today!
  • 21:53:22: My house looks like it came glitter. Thanks for the card, @revolver_! <3
  • 22:58:43: This will be fun: I just entered the priority draw for tickets to the 2012 World Juniors. In Calgary.
  • 23:00:20: I love these TSN guys. "Oh my God! Braydon Schenn might be good!" No shit! You don't say!
  • 23:10:50: Brian Boucher must want to kill his defence. No matter to me. 3-0 'Nucks, and I'm down with this.
  • 23:16:50: Nice to see Sergei Bobrovski for the Flyers, but that implies that Boucher actually played bad. He had *no chance*.
  • 23:25:26: Dear main PC: Please work now. Please.

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Dec. 29th, 2010 06:50 pm (UTC)
may the ddosers of 4Chan get party van'd
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