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From Twitter 12-29-2010

  • 14:52:55: RT @raywashere: Holy shit! Taft's Odden arena is massive. Place is really nice though http://plixi.com/p/66446345
  • 14:58:54: RT @CMDeB: People who still take Christine O'Donnell seriously, should not be taken seriously.
  • 17:11:46: I'll say this: the Connecticut Whale are really front-loaded right now, with Todd White being sent down.
  • 17:25:23: Jesus Christ, just how many of these "Naildbiter" sites RT'd my nail'd quote? @Chupacaubrey, this your doing? LOL
  • 17:38:50: Soldiers threatening to leave the military over DADT should remind everyone that not every soldier joins for love of country. It's the truth
  • 17:39:51: Some join for college money. Some join because they don't have a job. Some are court-ordered to join. Not everyone is Hacksaw Jim Duggan.
  • 17:41:00: There's this myth that every soldier and sailor is "AMERICA, FUCK YEAH". No, for a lot of them, it's a job they can't quit. Simple as that.
  • 22:30:07: So Canada beat Norway 10-1. This is what happens when tournaments use goal differential for tiebreakers.
  • 22:55:51: I wonder how many fools will fall for the whole establishment conspiracy bullshit that Christine O'Donnell is spewing.
  • 23:42:22: Did you like 999 for the DS? How about Ever 17? @rpgfancom has some fuckin news for you! http://bit.ly/fyG9yK
  • 23:55:36: So Squeenix is saying they want to make Romancing Saga 4. What's that I hear? On cue, it's @dekunda screaming that we'll never see it!

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