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From Twitter 12-31-2010

  • 00:44:17: Good on UCONN, good on Stanford, but this just means there's two teams in women's college basketball. This is not a good thing.
  • 02:11:37: Check out what I - and the rest of our staff - had to say about 2010 in video games. http://bit.ly/gJSwxY
  • 02:18:11: I own $60 games that I've barely touched. Metal Gear PSP (free) is still in its wrapper. Yet I played Game Dev Story for hours today.
  • 11:18:57: Lessons learned: 1) I love pigs in a blanket, and 2) I really need to eat fewer pigs in a blanket.
  • 11:50:56: Is that Montel Williams trying to sell me this Money Mutual pawnbroking shit? I thought he was dying of MS?
  • 11:55:00: I think we have definitive proof as to why I picked the PSP as my system of the year. http://bit.ly/eIqJdd
  • 19:26:55: I'm at Jerry's Shakespeare Pizza http://4sq.com/i3ztM3
  • 21:46:55: One down, two more to go that I need to inform of my big '11 project.
  • 22:00:16: My #FF of 2010? Here's a list: @DHGFAileen @DevilOfSparda @dmataconis @psymin1 @ValleyIndy @revolver_ @TheGoalieGuild @chupacaubrey
  • 22:00:44: And I made it back in time to catch the third period of USA vs. Switzerland. #WJHC
  • 22:03:32: RT @burning_phoneix: Headline:"Partygoers welcome in new year" No shit #BBC
  • 22:04:18: New Years Resolutions? I resolve to not wait for the calender to decide to do things better. #fuckingmeta
  • 22:08:24: I will say this about the Canadian Juniors: if Olivier Roy isn't wearing a ballcap for the rest of the tournament, Canada will lose.
  • 22:09:33: RT @thenightsshadow: @superbus "The wise man does not wait for the New Year to make his resolution. To him, each day is an opportunity. ...
  • 22:11:18: Again, let me ask this question: why the hell was Benjamin Conz not drafted?
  • 22:23:12: Before the year is out, congrats to my games of the year: NBA 2K11, Limbo, and Fire Emblem: New Monshou.
  • 22:23:49: THough I have to admit, I wish I did my top 10 today instead of a month ago. Two games (Game Dev Story + Recattear) would have made it now.
  • 23:55:46: Five minutes to go. I think if I don't watch the ball drop, I can be legally deported, so...
  • 23:59:36: Who's the bitch with the fucked up glasses who just said "douchebag" on national TV?

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