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From Twitter 01-02-2011

  • 00:03:37: File this one under "Are You Fucking Kidding Me?". I can't believe a Navy Captain did this. http://huff.to/f94m3O
  • 00:20:24: I will freely admit that video would have made me laugh on a deployment. But Jesus, what was Capt. Honors thinking? That's Old (Dead) Navy.
  • 00:27:14: You know what? I take it back. I see what Capt. Honors was doing, and most of the complaints are from bad sailors and female civilians.
  • 00:28:31: Maybe my problem in reacting the way I did initially is that I've been a civvie for too long. I'm turning into a faggot.
  • 00:46:55: 48-20, UCONN loses to Oklahoma. Again: Boise St. wasn't good enough for this game, but UCONN was? #tohellwiththebcs
  • 03:27:43: ITT: @DevilOfSparda, @dekunda and @DHGFAileen just came. http://bit.ly/efkzsh
  • 03:28:33: OK... you know what? I have to admit. Panty and Stocking does a lot wrong, but it does more right than most. I admit to being hooked.
  • 03:29:25: With that said, its habit of following up mind-blowing-awesome with Ren and Stimpy-level grossness is fucking infuriating.
  • 14:20:23: Now playing: Donkey Kong Country. I am still baffled that this game has the haters it does.
  • 15:11:19: RT @Reuters: Navy to probe controversial carrier videos http://reut.rs/gPy2BF (What's sad is that this will likely cost that guy Adm. - Bus)
  • 15:14:42: Here's the thing about Capt. Honors: he's an experienced flight pilot, war veteran and officer. He knows a thing or two about morale.
  • 15:15:54: And news orgs: also report that the videos show two MEN showering together, too. Stop going for the tabloid headline. #cvn65
  • 16:49:21: WIthin 24 hours of losing the Fiesta Bowl, UCONN's coach and RB left the team. Anyone who still insists that these are amateurs is deluded.
  • 16:53:55: 2-1, Canada, on a perfectly executed 2-1. Caught Conz cheating the pass a bit. He dropped his glove, and got burnt high.
  • 17:20:38: 3-1 Canada. Looks like Conz would like that one back. Maybe some mental drain, @TheGoalieGuild?
  • 17:43:58: Listen to those fuckers in Buffalo! "WE WANT THE USA! WE WANT THE USA!" Damn fuckin' straight. #wjhc
  • 18:55:46: RT @dmataconis: Once again "Little Fockers" is the No. 1 movie in America. Let's not pretend we even have a culture anymore.
  • 19:07:28: Even I - a Jets fans - have to feel for Giants fans. What a horrible way to end up out of the playoffs.
  • 19:13:28: Anytime you say "we are relying on Jay Cutler", you know you're pretty much fucked.
  • 19:31:57: So not only will the winner of tonight's game be - at best - 8-8, but they get a home game. The NFL's playoffs are broken.
  • 19:38:09: RT @TSNBobMcKenzie: If u want to watch TSN broadcast of RUS-FIN in U.S., NHL Network is picking up our feed. In CAN, game taped delayed, ...
  • 19:39:18: Wow, they have two embryos working this Russia vs. Finland game. These kids might as well be playing.
  • 21:02:41: RT @dmataconis: Another crappy animated show coming to Fox? What, The Cleveland Show didn't suck enough so they needed something worse?
  • 21:33:27: Wow! What a faggoty dive by the Russian goaltender! Get up, you pussy! #wjhc
  • 22:52:56: Zsa Zsa Gabor is still alive? Well, you know what they say about the good dying young...
  • 22:53:35: RT @warbiany: The Seahawks or Rams going to the playoffs is the biggest football outrage since UConn got to play in a BCS bowl game.
  • 22:58:50: RT @sportsguy33: This game is like watching two drunk uncles trying to play Madden on their nephew's PS3.
  • 23:06:44: Just think, NFL fans. One of these teams will have a home game in the playoffs next week.
  • 23:20:50: A 7-9 team will host a playoff game, the 11-5 Bears are horrible, and the NFL MVP will likely be a convicted felon. Strange NFL season.
  • 23:21:09: Also, between Brett Favre's dick and Michelle Ryan's feet, I hope I never hear about the sex lives of another NFL person again.

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Jan. 4th, 2011 12:38 am (UTC)
'Merica has a culture, it's just bollocks.
I think that saying that people in this country are poorly educated is sufficient. Though of course the problem is more complicated than can be described in a single statement, it all boils down to and can be extrapolated from that.
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