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From Twitter 01-03-2011

  • 13:58:46: Even Jason Pye says the Tea Party movement is being unrealistic. That's like liberals being bitched out by Pelosi. http://bit.ly/e216aw
  • 14:00:16: UCONN is #2 now in the AP Women's poll. Riiiiiiiiiight. Because ONE loss in three YEARS means they're not as good as Baylor. #votersaredumb
  • 14:02:50: RT @CMDeB: Marriage is between one man and his 3 ex-wives. #sanctity
  • 14:04:18: From the sounds of things, the RNC - who gained power because of fiscal issues - only cares about social issues. #badpriorities
  • 14:05:51: Is @WhitlockJason using a pen name? http://bit.ly/i8rVen
  • 14:06:46: How to win over fiscal cons: show trials. RT @dmataconis: House Republican plans investigations of Obama Administration http://bit.ly/gQhHih
  • 14:31:18: "This is a dream job for me". Is lying to the face of everyone in America a job requirement to be a D1 coach? Jesus Christ, Randy Edsall!
  • 14:34:06: So Saiyuki: Journey West is an SRPG based on Water Margin. Technically, so is Suikoden Tactics. That's meta.
  • 15:12:35: Lost in the Brett Favre retirement: Remember @ChrisWarcraft saying that someone was going to get a concussion on that U of Minn turf? Yeah.
  • 16:30:55: Well, it's nice to be wanted, at least.
  • 16:42:50: Protip: if you're a linesman, and they're showing video of you ten minutes after a goal goes in, you FUCKED UP.
  • 17:46:07: Consider me sceptical about this explanation. http://usat.ly/ihvPkM
  • 17:50:41: RT @TSNBobMcKenzie: SWE dman and potential No. 1 overall draft pick Adam Larsson having a day for SWE. One goal, two assists today.
  • 18:08:58: What sucks about this game is that 1) Russia's advancing despite being an inferior team, and 2) Sweden's tournament was ended by a linesman.
  • 19:24:28: Canada vs. USA coming soon. I have a hockey boner.
  • 19:25:59: Capt. Honors was relieved as Captain of the Enterprise!? Before a DEPLOYMENT!?!? I hope you faggoty civilians got what you wanted.
  • 19:26:37: And before anyone goes on: I don't care if you are offended by my use of the word "faggoty". It does not mean "gay" in my usage.
  • 19:27:55: Poor little southern boy. :( RT @dmataconis: Standing outside at a Metro station. No gloves. No hat. FML
  • 19:40:03: OK, enough bitching about the New Pussy Navy. Canada vs. US is on! I bet the Canadian Navy has balls...
  • 19:43:30: That was quick! 1-0 Canada. Canada has officially taken over Buffalo. Granted, that's like taking over Hamburger Hill, but still.
  • 19:44:39: Fun fact: Canada is 2-0 when I'm wearing my Team Canada jersey. Chris Bowen: The Difference Maker.
  • 20:01:07: 2-0! Bowen's Canada Jersey takes a big early lead. What's better? We'll eat Russia's lunch.
  • 20:16:32: I like the Serenes Forest redesign. Nothing major, but much nicer aesthetically. now, to fix the members....
  • 20:35:51: 3-0, Canada, AND they're still on a power play. When did the Americans switch places with the Russians?
  • 20:43:52: Gah! Coutourier had the entire net open, but basically hit Jack Campbell's leg. The US owes Campbell dinner, a massage and a whore.
  • 21:25:04: And that's game. 4-0. Even Jack Campbell looks down. Considering he's Patrick Roy like in confidence, that's telling.
  • 21:31:09: Shit. 4-1.
  • 21:58:27: This is depressing. @gamepolitics has a postmortem on my PC Game of the Year and how little money it made. http://bit.ly/gnit0h
  • 22:13:10: RT @billmaher: Capt Owen Honors - sounds like the Michael Scott of the Navy to me; do we really have to shitcan everyone who isn't compl ...
  • 22:24:22: Anyone who's following the #WJC needs to follow @kluedeke29 of the NEHJ. He's doing some fantastic work.
  • 22:26:53: "And during halftime, here's the Goo Goo Dolls with their ne--" *CLICK*
  • 22:29:10: Islanders 4, Flames 1. God, I hope @twelveicings doesn't check those scores.
  • 22:39:46: So Calgary is losing 4-2 to the second worst team in the NHL... oh! Karlsson's in! Still no reliable backup! The more things change...
  • 22:46:52: "Also, the Navy is opening its all-male submarine force to women this year." What!?!? Women shouldn't even be on CARREIRS, forget subs!
  • 22:53:30: Rick DiPietro was hurt in this game. I don't even know what to say anymore. He's Greg Oden with leg pads.
  • 23:25:20: This is what happens when you get old, kids. RT @dmataconis: Home. Tired.
  • 23:49:03: Glad to see Cory Schneider getting some consistent ice time.
  • 23:51:00: RT @ThankTheVenom: So, Heaven Shall Burn pisses Catholics off? Pedophiles piss me off, Catholics. You seem to be happy to ignore them.

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Jan. 4th, 2011 05:48 pm (UTC)
fuck you nigger

I hope you're not offended by my use of the word "nigger", it is not a slur against black people in my usage.

although that might be a bad example since "nigger" has been passed around like a drunk slut and has lost its mojo as a result
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