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From Twitter 01-04-2011

  • 02:14:04: RT @twelveicings: Oh Jesus. LJ wank while I was gone. Between that and certain hockey fans, can't people grow the fuck up? like, ever?
  • 04:44:03: How did Kotaku post this without saying that Michael Pachter - who has screamed for paid CoD - is the Wedbush analyst? http://bit.ly/eJNag4
  • 13:47:00: "All you did was weaken a country today... You put people's lives in danger. Sweet dreams, son" http://on.msnbc.com/dPxea3
  • 14:44:46: So Capt. Honors is officially off the Enterprise for something he did to boost morale four years ago as an XO. Sleep tight, liberal pussies.
  • 14:45:44: I hate hearing about the "new" Navy. Everyone forgot that the "old" Navy WON WARS. Then you idiot civilians got involved.
  • 14:47:35: This is why you pay more through a service! RT @connpost: Prostitutes rob man of clothes, car at Honeyspot Motor Lodge: http://ow.ly/3yezH
  • 14:47:42: Um, not that I would know anything about that... *cough*
  • 15:46:16: Everytime I grow to love @JudgeNap, he celebrates some idiot like Glenn Beck, and I shake my head ruefully.
  • 15:55:31: Why bother to remove bad words in Huck Finn? With their intent, it'd be more efficient to just burn the books like in the old days.
  • 16:32:00: Harmonix’s Sale Price: $49.99, Plus Baggage: When Harmonix was sold to investment group Columbus Nova, which ess... http://bit.ly/dHbq5X
  • 16:42:24: Related: Andrew Luck likely to return to Stanford. http://es.pn/gKzWIY #parody
  • 17:22:34: Just got a brilliant idea for a BotB column. Which makes me one of thousands of tossers writing about his Game Dev Story experiences.
  • 17:34:06: Drupal might be the clunkiest CMS I've ever used. I don't know how I'd get that thing to look decent.
  • 19:35:20: Everyone keeps posting their @jlist wishlist! Well, here's mine: http://bit.ly/g0yHJC Note that some are NSFW. At all. And possibly TMI.
  • 17:46:04: Just realized my JList wishlist is pretty heavy on the NC17. Time to rectify that.
  • 18:06:16: RT @FreelanceWJ: It's Freelance Tax Time - Are you ready? By Jennifer Chait http://ow.ly/3xOxv (I'm gonna get FUCKING RAPED - Bus)
  • 18:33:36: RT @jlist: A nice J-List customer wishlist with a few #ecchi products and other random stuff. http://moe.vg/geXL1A (NSFW)
  • 19:05:11: OnLive Hires New COO From Pandora: Streaming games service OnLive has hired Etienne Handman as their new Chief O... http://bit.ly/hsvIaS
  • 22:39:32: RT @CMDeB: The few GOP turning down their healthcare in order to grandstand & make a nonsensical point are dipshits.
  • 23:29:05: RT @tech_gaming: Beware- Angry Birds for PSP is a poor port. Pauses as structures crumble. (Yet ANOTHER crap PSP port of an iOS game)

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