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From Twitter 01-05-2011

  • 00:28:13: RT @SPBowley: RT @NFLFanHouse: Look on the bright side, Arkansas fans ... at least Solomon Thomas can't play against Akron in September.
  • 12:54:43: Tonight, Canada goes for the gold! I can't wait to wat-- wait, I have to referee Roller Hockey!?!? GOD DAMNIT!
  • 12:55:24: RT @the_pc_doc: Windows 8 will have an app store/app model are no-brainers because a)apps are massive b)MS can't come up with anything m ...
  • 12:56:26: As much as I loathe the Republicans, I know that them taking over the house gets Nancy Pelosi away from the gavel, and I feel better.
  • 13:09:15: RT @CMDeB: Rubio in. Grayson out. Florida #ftw
  • 13:14:36: I will say this: if the Zombie Sonics add Steve Nash, two groups of fans will immolate themselves: Lakers and Sonics. http://es.pn/hHYTsK
  • 13:18:29: RT @DanRyckert: The Muppet version of Kanye's "Monster" is pretty awesome http://youtu.be/EKIvEVkAfW4 (via @ncroal)
  • 13:39:42: "So and so has answered a question about you!" Sorry, Facebook app, but I'm not about to give you my information to find out what it was.
  • 13:40:10: Especially since I know - almost for a fact - that the person in question strongly dislikes me anyway. I don't need your app to know that.
  • 13:56:45: And THIS is why I didn't report on the Ubisoft DRM thing! NEVER put Reddit comments as news until you confirm, kids! http://bit.ly/hYQVpp
  • 14:05:26: RT @KeithOlbermann: Bert Blyleven finally elected to Baseball Hall of Fame w/Alomar. Writers accidentally get one right but get 10 wrong ...
  • 14:06:05: Jerry Holkins at Penny Arcade proves - yet again - that the games press is stupid. You fuckers will report anything. http://bit.ly/fIc8K6
  • 14:07:02: I think we'll have a new rule: news sites can't report anything unless it passes my - mine, specifically - bullshit detector.
  • 14:11:37: It took @arstechnica (and me) to figure out why Net Neutrality was useless: selective, local cable monopolies. http://bit.ly/ebpf5n
  • 14:13:01: So because a few fat, useless hacks say things like "he MUST have done steroids" with no proof, Jeff Bagwell has less than 50% HOF support.
  • 14:13:12: I fucking hate the modern media. In all aspects. I really do.
  • 14:16:37: Dear Bert Blyleven: Congratulations. Now shut the fuck up.
  • 14:40:21: No confirmation on the backbone to support them, though RT @Reuters: AT&T plans 20 new smartphones, major Android push http://reut.rs/faTQA6
  • 16:00:17: RT @DHGFAileen: Holy wow does Catherine's gameplay seem freaky and the kind to give me nightmares afterwards. And yet I still want to pl ...
  • 16:00:27: The previous tweet is my fiancee in a nutshell, ladies and gentlemen. XD
  • 16:01:34: Ever watch hackers give a 45 minute presentation? The freaking Sahara isn't as dry as this.
  • 16:06:30: Go to your room, Atlus. #stopremakingyearoldgames
  • 16:14:28: Just tried Zenonia on PSP minis for the first time since the update. It's STILL broken! Between this and Angry Birds, no more minis.
  • 16:26:08: I see @DevilOfSparda has gotten her PSP online. :D
  • 17:05:26: RT @mike_morreale: Canada fans join in chant of 'U.S.A.' A sign Canadians still upset over comments made by Swede coach Roger Ronnberg e ...
  • 17:50:31: RT @DamoSpin: More Canadians watched WJC semi between Canada and the U.S. than the Winter Classic was able to attract in entire United S ...
  • 18:25:17: If this tournament proved anything, it's that Jack Campbell (DAL draftee) is The Real Deal in goal. Watch out.
  • 18:26:15: I have a good habit of predicting goaltender success in this tournament in the past. I knew Montoya was shit and Fleury was flaky, for ex.
  • 18:26:55: With that stated: neither Canadian goaltender impressed me, and Olivier Roy just flat out isn't a good prospect. I like Ben Conz from SUI.
  • 18:37:30: Leaving for the rink now. I will be off Twitter until I watch the Canada game on DVR later. #nofuckingspoilers
  • 22:20:47: Apparently, something so notable happened in the Canada game that my mother called me about it. This doesn't bode well...
  • 22:57:31: RT @KeithOlbermann: Why HOF voting is so suspect: http://deadsp.in/dNZ2qd One ESPNer ballot: E.Martinez,T.Martinez,Mattingly,Morris,Surh ...
  • 23:01:11: I love the music at this diner. I swear they just play the Vice City soundtrack.
  • 23:48:58: RT @dmataconis: RT @laserswan: Snooki wrote a book and Huckleberry Finn is being censored. It's official: literature is dead.
  • 23:52:06: Best part of hockey in Buffalo, ON: Listening to 18K people singing along to "Good 'Ol Hockey Game" AFTER it stops playing for the faceoff.
  • 23:56:01: Why the fuck not? RT @COCOofficial: Star this tweet if you want to see me topless.

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