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From Twitter 01-06-2011

  • 00:03:35: Well, so far in my rewatch, it's 2-0 Canada. Looks like we're dominating. What could possibly go wrong? #famouslasttweets
  • 00:28:21: RT @COCOofficial: I can make handcuffs out of cocktail napkins and- wait, where are you going?
  • 00:32:32: 3-0 so far, and Canada ended up chasing the goaltender. Why do I have this feeling of foreboding doom?
  • 00:55:02: 3-0, after 2. Either Mom called me about a blowout, or I'm going to be crying in 30 minutes.
  • 00:58:41: 3-1. I feel like I want to puke.
  • 01:00:04: 3-2, and a horrible goal. I'm going to vomit. I'm going to fucking vomit.
  • 01:02:18: It's OK, it's not like Russia's won their last two games by massive comebacks late... oh wait. Oh shit.
  • 01:08:09: 3-3. Now I see why my mother called me. I'm going to be sick.
  • 01:09:27: They're choking. I can already see how this will end... I should just look up the score now.
  • 01:22:35: Oh my God. Defencive fail. 4-3. The crash and burn is complete. I can't believe this.
  • 01:27:38: 5-3. Just fucking kill me. This is a travesty.
  • 01:48:27: I don't even know what to say. Russia earned it. They took the Canadians by storm. Canada blinked, and that was it.
  • 01:49:43: Though I have to say that the American and Canadian flags surrounding the *RUSSIAN* flag - of all countries - makes me sick to my stomach.
  • 02:05:11: Fuck this hockey shit. I need to be distracted by video game.s
  • 02:24:44: RT @COCOofficial: More women than men received a PhD last year proving that girls are thinkier. I mean more thinky. Thoughtfuller.

    Look ...
  • 02:25:25: You fuckers need to follow @COCOofficial. She's hilarious. Having a nice rack is a plus, but she's hilarious.
  • 02:54:15: Crap, I have to find a different game to get Aileen because she can't *HANDLE* nail'd! Poor thing can't handle speed. #illbehidingnow
  • 02:58:20: Maybe playing NHL '11 after watching my team suffer the worst collapse in WJC history wasn't my smartest move.
  • 02:58:23: RT @COCOofficial: Twitter ads suck! I keep getting one for Kirstie Alley's new movie with all these birds lifting her, called "Twitter i ...
  • 02:59:17: What can I say? I like hot women who are witty and smart. Why do you think I'm marrying @DHGFAileen?
  • 03:23:53: Who cares if it's only a year late? Nice to see RPGFan.com nail Spectral Force Genesis's review. http://bit.ly/eGUmYx
  • 11:13:05: WTNH is letting go of Geoff Fox? What's next, is WFSB going to can Al Terzi?
  • 11:14:18: RT @the_pc_doc: So Avatar Kinect is free ... to those paying $60/year for Xbox Live Gold. Guess buying a Kinect + Xbox 360 just wasn't e ...
  • 11:55:26: RT @OldHossRadbourn: "Wait, it really says that? That will have to go. Oh, the camera is on. Keep smiling." #realcongressionalthoughts
  • 11:56:43: So Bill Daley is the next Chief of Staff? I thought he was running out of Chicago lackeys.
  • 12:08:27: The poor fuck. RT @BreakingNews: Jason Garrett has been named the Dallas Cowboys' head coach, sources say - ESPN http://es.pn/eloCLR
  • 19:26:58: Translation: "I want to earn my degree" = "I am too damn smart to let Carolina select me" http://es.pn/hirbmz #andrewluck
  • 19:27:26: In other news, I am officially sick as a dog. A dog that just happens to have the bubonic fucking plague.
  • 19:31:50: Col. West, Huckabee, that crazy bitch Bachman, Anthony Weiner AND @nickgillespie on Freedom Watch? I HAVE to see this shit. #grabsomepopcorn
  • 19:37:16: Under Bill Clinton, our debt went up just over $1tr. Under G.W. Bush, it went up over $5tr, and soared around 2003. I'm just saying, GOP.
  • 19:45:34: Good for Ted Williams. Now, how about the other 10% of our population that needs a job?
  • 20:16:30: Via @sardoose by way of @SpaceDrakeCF: This is how bad Square - before Squeenix - used to be. http://bit.ly/i7LBOi
  • 20:46:49: Wow. Ken Danekyo is an apocalypse as a hockey analyst.
  • 21:59:44: The NHL should show American hockey "fans" this Penguins vs. Montreal game, to prove that even low scoring games can be outstanding.
  • 22:20:29: SO if the report is correct, Tony Allen was fined and O.J. Mayo wasn't. Memphis's policy must be "only role players get fined".
  • 22:43:57: RT @burning_phoneix: blatant rigged elections in Egypt with Arrests and now Dying protesters in Tunisia and no one cares.where's your gr ...
  • 23:13:42: Everyone seems to want Jim Harbaugh as their coach. I can't wait for him to get the NFL job he wants, just to go 20-28 over three years.
  • 23:40:37: I've heard people say The Social Network is the titular piece of media of the current generation. It makes (cont) http://tl.gd/7vl5dt

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