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From Twitter 01-07-2011

  • 00:14:08: So the BBWAA is saying that if you had muscles, you can't get into the Hall of Fame. Get read for David Eckstein: Hall of Famer.
  • 00:29:15: RT @diehardgamefan: Diehard GameFAN’s 2010 Gaming Awards: Here it is! The best of the best from 2010. Which games went home with awa... ...
  • 01:25:45: With me being sick, I'm working on my backlog. How many FUCKING compilations do I own!? (Remember: each compilation game counts as one game)
  • 01:26:31: (That means if I have 60 games in a compilation, that counts as 60 entries I have to make. Atari Anthology is 85 games. God damnit)
  • 01:53:34: I would like Backloggery to add so many things. Instead, they disable signups, like some fandom forum having a snit fit. Alas.
  • 02:10:07: I'm watching NFL's Greatest Games. You know what? Tiki Barber is a bitch. What a little pussy. No wonder he never won a title. Little bitch.
  • 02:36:48: RT @Pres_Bartlet: Republicans want to eliminate Czars. Which, for this metaphor, makes them Bolsheviks. Who were socialists. Now I've go ...
  • 03:20:42: Let's see what's on... oh, a bowl game replay! Wait, a bowl named after GoDaddy? Featuring a 6-6 team? PASS.
  • 05:14:13: Um, Mr. Blatter? You remember that the majority of football leagues run in wintertime, right?
  • 05:14:50: Or maybe you should have thought about that before you decided to give Qatar the 2022 World Cup. Just a thought. You corrupt piece of shit.
  • 18:14:30: Good on the 49ers cornering the market on the 1991 Chicago Bears. First Singletary, now Harbaugh. Who's next, Richard Dent?
  • 18:24:48: But really, congratulations to the 49ers hitting a "home run". I look forward to your team finishing 7-9 in the National Parity League.
  • 18:48:10: RT @raywashere: Dear state of CT, please fucking plow I-91. its a travesty when local city roads are clear and a MAJOR highway isnt.
  • 19:25:42: I love these Miller Lite commercials. "Man up! Drink our beer, or hot women will make fun of you like the faggot you are!"
  • 20:03:30: "Searching for signal on Satelite In 2..." Oh, the perils of DirecTV. Time to dip into the backlog!
  • 20:47:02: Getting some dinner before I go out and shovel some snow. Let's do some backlogging with Dark Cloud 2! I love this game.
  • 23:03:30: So basically, the Nintendo 3DS is like the iPhone, in all the wrong ways. http://bit.ly/hYAjcg

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