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From Twitter 01-08-2011

  • 05:45:14: Though it has its annoyances (Spheda, fishing + fetch quests), Dark Cloud 2 is a phenominal game.
  • 15:29:54: I understand what @kelly_carlin is saying about getting the facts first about @rep_Giffords... but this looks *bad*. #fuckingnutjobrighties
  • 15:30:50: Also, SHAME ON YOU IDIOTS FOR REPORTING SHE DIED WHEN SHE HASN'T DIED. JESUS CHRIST. This is basic journalism: check twice, report once!
  • 15:33:09: My Twitter feed is absolutely fucking batshit today. If this is how we react to thigns happening, we have the survival instincts of the dodo
  • 15:36:37: I hate Sarah Palin, but the Giffords shooting is not her fault. It's a metaphor. It's not her fault that one idiot is too stupid to see it.
  • 15:42:39: I've defended Sarah Palin's metaphor - 1st Amendment - but if she really scrubbed only one bullseye from her site, she should be hammered.
  • 15:51:50: RT @kelly_carlin: I think congress needs to start work tomorrow reading aloud Robt. Kennedy's eloquent speech @ MLK's assasination http: ...
  • 15:52:11: I'm so tired of having to explain this, usually to liberals: *it's not about you*
  • 16:09:08: Look at me. I got so distracted by some silly side topic that my focus is off of the main issue. I need to be better than that.
  • 16:10:14: What I will say is this: if political discourse doesn't calm down after this, then we deserve what we bring onto ourselves.
  • 16:13:28: Everyone has their political agendas out today, so here's mine: the First Amendment is sacrosanct. Even for the terminally stupid like Palin
  • 16:29:53: Gotta keep saying this...RT @maddow: There is nothing to be gained from speculating on the motives and affiliations of AZ shooter w/o facts
  • 16:45:09: This woman can't even type her own condolences. I recognize PR written drivel when I see it. http://huff.to/hLmAO5
  • 16:55:21: You know what? I just don't feel like talking about a shitty football game. My heart's not in it.
  • 17:00:04: RT @chuckjaywalk: It is hard to watch the game. I feel sick.
  • 17:15:20: Welcome to the media circus. Buckle up. (She knew the gunman in HS) RT @caitieparker: This is a circus. Good Morning America just called me.
  • 17:24:34: One person says the kid was pretty left wing in college in '07... so the righties all say "SEE!? LEFT WING! HA!" You people are broken.
  • 17:26:24: Quote from @edropple: "I feel like I want to puke". Anyone who loves this country should feel the same way.
  • 17:31:41: RT @BrainLemon: I honestly don't care if he was a TPer or a KosKid. 99.99% of both are not violent nuts.
  • 17:40:04: On lighter news, another Sound Tiger alum makes it big. Kevin Poulin won his first NHL start today.
  • 18:02:16: So it turns out this shooter was an anarchist. @kelly_carlin was right in saying to calm the fuck down. That apple did not fall far.
  • 18:04:00: RT @TheEconomist: Congresswoman Giffords http://econ.st/fqhjWT
  • 18:44:15: This sounds like a great time to get a workout in.
  • 19:06:44: These Planet Fitness ads are indicative of why I will never give them any more money. I WANT a gym that kicks my ass and makes me sweat.
  • 19:41:47: RT @dmataconis: The only person responsible for the actions of Jared Lee Loughner is Jared Lee Loughner. It's called personal responsibi ...
  • 19:45:11: Seattle just embarrassed the NFL. I'm giddy. Just fucking giddy.
  • 19:58:53: What's fun about all of this is that the Seahawks are going to go on the road in Atlanta next week, and play a beatable opponent!
  • 20:05:31: I really hope the Seahawks advance to the Superbowl. A 10-9 team in the Super Bowl... makes me giddy.
  • 22:46:05: Are you SERIOUS, Mark Sanchez?
  • 22:47:26: I just got home in time to watch Peyton Manning carve my team up like Thanksgiving turkey. Jesus Fucking Christ.
  • 22:55:19: Good kickoff return... now we have to rely on Mark Sanchez. #uhoh
  • 23:01:59: OK, NIck Folk. Here's your career.
  • 23:02:28: Yay! We won! Now I'm about to go and puke. #jets
  • 23:13:06: RT @SPBowley: RT @JenAMcPadden: RT @AllisonNazarian: RT @jimimcclure: Who's foot does Rex Ryan like more tonight his wife's or Nick Folk's?
  • 23:46:04: I'll say this: thanks to this comic, I never want to try Tropicana Tropolis. Ever. http://bit.ly/eBJfHw
  • 23:50:00: Great freaking movie, we will never get this open a look at the WWE again RT @JVB: Watching Hitman Hart: Wrestling with shadows on Netflix.

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