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From Twitter 01-09-2011

  • 06:55:36: Can someone explain why Buckingham Road isn't plowed?
  • 06:58:44: The road by Daddio's is a gong show, too. Get on the ball, Seymour.
  • 16:32:14: I'm with @dmataconis on this one: I defend her right to use a metaphor, but "surveyor symbols"? Are her people moronic? http://bit.ly/fcJAfZ
  • 16:36:03: OK, I think my left knee is beyond "annoyed, but it will go away" and into "I might have a legitimate problem here" territory.
  • 16:36:59: RT @dmataconis: Because that's just what America needs right now. The fucktards from the Westboro Baptist Church http://huff.to/evMg4F
  • 16:38:55: Notice: the WBC is smart enough to not grab a gun themselves. How charming.
  • 16:39:12: Now that's a group that I'd love to give a "second amendment solution" to.
  • 16:48:40: It looks like both sides of our political spectrum are still finding ways to blame the other for the Tuscon shooting. We're still broken.
  • 16:52:08: This bitch - who just about calls for Keith Olbermann's murder - is a "humour writer"!? I'm not laughing. http://bit.ly/dRSjod
  • 17:01:36: At this point, I have to wonder if I'm getting arthritis in my knee. It's about time after all, I'm a whopping THIRTY. #tooyoungforthisshit
  • 17:07:35: Thought I forgot about the World Juniors, didn't 'ya? Awesome piece by Jeff Blair on Team Canada. http://bit.ly/gjm3aa
  • 17:16:39: RT @COCOofficial: Just when you think you've reached an all time low in your life, just calmly remind yourself.

    You could be watching ...
  • 17:21:45: Look, my mother and I are close, but I've never felt her tits up on a beach. http://bit.ly/fn2RXs
  • 17:25:04: Johnny Weir is gay!? No!!! Who's next, George Michael!?!? http://bit.ly/fn2RXs
  • 17:28:24: So when am I going to get some actual followers, instead of this "I'll follow, but 2 days later unfollow because you didn't follow me back"?
  • 18:19:32: Lost in those "here's where we grow the tomato!" Dominos commercials: I'd totally hit the one with the floral dress.
  • 18:26:14: RT @JPosnanski: Sheesh -- the Uloric people have to buy 1 minute of commercial time just because they need 45 seconds to go over side ef ...
  • 18:59:34: So... what does a field goal do here?
  • 19:00:06: Answer: NOTHING. Holy shit. If Akers does his job today, Philly's within a score. Now they're desperate.
  • 19:15:06: This drive is taking too long for the Eagles. Imagine that: Andy Reid can't manage the clock.
  • 19:15:23: The good news: Michael Vick hasn't puked on this drive, unlike his team's previous quarterback.
  • 19:16:43: If Andy Reid doesn't go for it here, he should be fired. LIke, on the sideline.
  • 19:26:37: Don't worry, Philly. Kevin "The Future" Kolb will pull you out of this! #panic
  • 19:27:36: Philly's gonna "trust" their defence, huh? Who's their coordinator, Jake The Snake Roberts?
  • 19:28:44: And look at that, the defence just DDT'd the city.
  • 19:31:25: BOY would those field goals look good on the scoreboard right now!
  • 19:32:08: Little protip to Green Bay: DO NOT KICK IT TO NUMBER TEN. Not unless he's been amputated below the dick.
  • 19:34:57: My Goodness, could Bob's Burgers look any worse? I couldn't want to watch that less.
  • 19:35:10: Hey look, a hold! On the Eagles! This is a gong show.
  • 19:42:14: MIchael Vick just Michael Vicked that pass. VERY dumb decision. Rush of blood to the head, and it's over.
  • 19:44:40: Can we pass the hat for Rodney Hampton so he doesn't have to do commercials for Connecticut Scratch Off?
  • 19:56:04: Not sure if this is a good thing yet... RT @dmataconis: Thought of the day: we are still the same country we were Saturday morning.
  • 20:22:14: I don't get this "_______ With Hinako" series. Wouldn't just watching a hentai be more satisfying? And even less expensive?
  • 20:57:38: I know Piracy Is Bad™, but I had to check out one of the Hinako DVDs. People actually buy this vapid dreck? No wonder anime's fucked.
  • 21:38:37: Bathing with Hinako: Two nippleless moe blobs bathe together. Hilarity does not ensue. What tripe.
  • 21:40:56: I wonder what the left would be saying if someone had attacked a Republican, and they started to tie it into something Alan Grayson said.
  • 22:16:37: So the Pier Solar guys - knowing that the vast majority of Mega Drives are on their last legs - put in some DRM into their *Genesis* game.
  • 22:17:23: And I'm supposed to rush out and buy this game - for my dying Genesis - for $45 on little more than a couple good articles?
  • 22:18:09: Sorry, boys. Nice that you love the Genesis so much, but you should have made it more affordable and less DRM'd. I can do without.
  • 22:20:03: "Oh, well, people can find an affordable system if they really want to". So now we're talking a $55 game. Sorry, not until I try it.
  • 22:21:09: I will buy a good game if it's affordable; I own both Deadly Sin games. But I will not buy a DRM'd cartridge for a long-dead system for $$$$
  • 22:23:56: Let me add some perspective: this Genesis game will cost the same as Sturmwind (Dreamcast), and that game won't have additional DRM.
  • 23:04:19: I hate it when idiots tag me on Facebook in a photo meme, along with 80 other people. My poor, poor inbox...

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Jan. 10th, 2011 06:24 pm (UTC)
Jan. 10th, 2011 06:25 pm (UTC)
I just checked that momxson thing O_O


Is it just me or is he starting to get a boner...
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