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From Twitter 01-11-2011

  • 01:55:35: Dear John Riccitiello: FIFA's Ultimate Team is not free to play. It's $60 to play with the game. Stop lying to us.
  • 02:43:19: The top three stories on ESPN New York are about Rex Ryan saying stupid shit. And people wonder why I am petrified of this weekend's game.
  • 02:49:15: I swear Southpeak named their racing game "nail'd" just so I can use the rarely seen triple entrede with my fiancee.
  • 03:39:07: Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer is on Netfilx? ~~~FUCK YES~~~
  • 03:49:59: Watching Wrestling with Shadows now. In hindsight, this is hillarious. "Sunny is just a friend... just a friend". Liar, liar, pants on fire!
  • 03:53:38: "The one thing I won't do is lie to my fans". Bret said this five minutes after saying he wasn't screwing Tammy Sytch. Whoopsie!
  • 06:13:17: RT @JazzShaw: Can we stop trashing Judy Clark for defending Laughner, please? He's entitled to defense. It's her job.
  • 06:13:34: RT @MissingMimi: Fact. RT @BlondeAmerican: Women that look gorgeous without makeup give men unreasonable expectations of what a woman sh ...
  • 08:24:34: RT @georgevhulme: Whenever my faith in humanity ascends too high, I start reading Web site comments sections
  • 10:44:31: With the (unconfirmed) reports about 3DS's region locking, no one is mentioning why: downloadable stuff. It'd be an ESRB nightmare otherwise
  • 11:09:58: Irony: at a time when Verizon goes "yay iPhone!", I'm thinking of transferring to an HTC Evo.
  • 12:27:03: I can't even deny it anymore: I don't know why I bother trying to write for DHGF at this point. I have no motivation whatsoever anymore.
  • 12:27:38: Everything I do, say and write gets slammed behind my back, and even my EIC degrades my contributions. No wonder I can't be arsed anymore.
  • 12:28:58: I can't even care enough to write my Hall of Fame/Shame pieces because I know they'll just start fights. Again. Frankly, I'm sick of it.
  • 12:36:23: I know I'll get laid into for saying those things on Twitter later, but frankly, I don't care anymore.
  • 15:11:56: Dear James Clyburn: Why don't you stop talking for awhile, champ? http://bit.ly/gjOg4X
  • 15:14:10: Today's "No shit, Sherlock!" winner RT @NBCConnecticut: Gov. Malloy says to stay off the roads if the forecast for massive snowfall holds.
  • 15:20:10: RT @raywashere: the new #snowpocalypse estimates vary from 28" to 3" for CT. really weather people? its 2011 and we cant lower that rang ...
  • 22:04:00: Motherfucker, I'm pissed off at Oath in Felghana. When did I suck at beating bosses? About to send my PSP through the wall.
  • 22:04:33: It's really frustrating because no matter what I do, it feels like I'm taking damage, and I can't avoid it.

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