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From Twitter 01-12-2011

  • 09:23:14: I haven't even *looked* outside. Don't wanna. I'll handle it later.
  • 09:33:21: Keep fighting amongst yourselves, social conservatives. Sorry, guys. *They're just not that into you*.
  • 09:39:36: RT @dmataconis: If @SarahPalinUSA became President I get the impression that Facebook and Twiiter would be the only way she'd communicat ...
  • 10:03:40: RT @KeithOlbermann: Lastly @SarahPalinUSA invoking the anti-semitism of the "blood libel" might not sit well with people who are Jewish. ...
  • 10:04:20: Just looked outside. I think I'd rather play a video game first. Ooh! I know! I can write my HOF/HOS pieces! I need to get those done.
  • 10:49:11: Reuters/Ipsos poll reveals the U.S. public is willfully ignorant when it comes to how international debt works http://reut.rs/eXCk8l
  • 11:49:52: Writing up my HOF piece on Ocarina of Time. I can't WAIT to hear the pained and stretched explanations as to why THIS isn't a HOF game.
  • 12:04:00: I openly await the BBWAA rejecting Trevor Hoffman for the Baseball Hall of Fame in five years because he's a closer and "not first ballot".
  • 13:24:07: Logistics are really ruining my hopes of efficiently shoveling my area. Anytime I blow snow out, the wind blows it back in my face.
  • 13:27:31: Can we keep them there? RT @washingtonpost: House Repub wants to enclose chamber in Plexiglass http://wapo.st/hCcBQp
  • 13:36:49: I was wondering when China was going to "teach" Ai Weiwei a "lesson" (courtesy of @maddow) http://nyti.ms/heXBO4
  • 13:40:38: China doesn't get it. People like @aiww and Liu Xiaobao are not threats. For staying in their country to make change, they are true patriots
  • 13:42:43: I must be the only person on earth that finds THQ's new logo to be absolutely atrocious.
  • 13:48:52: I love trademark trolls. http://bit.ly/hZeXqS
  • 16:58:21: I have to say that this 1UP piece - and Madson's review - were right: SMB All Stars needed to be more. http://bit.ly/gfciJb
  • 17:28:16: Today, I will pick one random video game on my ROM drive and play it. Let's see what we got... Well then! Super Mario World it is!
  • 18:07:49: "I can't believe you. You have the most advanced games on the face of the planet, and you're sitting here playing Mario Bros." #oldschool
  • 19:21:19: Dear Congress: Courageous leaders would go out with LESS security detail, not proposing "no guns within 1,000 ft of a congressman" laws.
  • 19:22:43: Peter King, Dan Burton and others like them are cowards, and do not have the temerity to lead our country. They should resign immediately.
  • 19:28:51: Everyone recommending for tighter gun laws: you realize that someone *with a gun* fired back at this asshole, right?
  • 19:49:45: RT @DanRyckert: That's a pretty rough typo, Iowa State Daily http://i.imgur.com/HLONE.png
  • 19:53:07: I love Varlamov's tight butterfly in this game, but I'm not so sure about his footwork. He seems to have happy feet tonight.
  • 19:57:30: Dwayne Roloson is so freaking awesome to watch. So tight, so calm. He just says "I'm in control", and both teams know it. @TheGoalieGuild
  • 20:25:06: RT @BrainLemon: Okay Twitter, you are a #fail tonight. Just couldn't stop the sniping and criticizing. Very sad.
  • 20:25:54: RT @Jrog83: There's a lot of very tacky comments about the memorial on my Twitter feed right now. Try some class people.
  • 20:37:55: Can we stop our Twitter bitching for one God damn hour? Please? Let the memorial finish. THEN act like twats.
  • 20:41:03: RT @BrainLemon: Tonight is a night when I hate politics. Both sides are acting disgracefully.
  • 21:29:58: RT @dmataconis: Now comes the part where our punditocracy talks about the President's speech without actually taking to heart anything h ...

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