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From Twitter 01-13-2011

  • 03:24:38: The top two people in the industry are Bobby Kotick and Mark Pincus. What the fuck is wrong with us!? http://bit.ly/gvRikd
  • 17:00:48: While I feel sorry for Twisted Pixel, let's not forget just how many people have ripped off Capcom's properties without shame. #twowaystreet
  • 17:18:11: I'm not the only fan of Disney comics in America! Thanks for the info, @choochoobear! http://bit.ly/gKVxtJ
  • 17:41:02: This Massively article puts one thing forward that most don't realize: PR is not your friend, no matter how friendly. http://bit.ly/eAn40y
  • 17:41:27: That's going to ruffle a few feathers, even of people I'm friendly with, but it's by nature an adversarial relationship.
  • 17:42:14: The key is to be able to separate play ("hey, how are 'ya?) and work ("I'm about to kick your ass in an article. Anything to say?")
  • 17:48:10: With that said, the fact that games press relies so much on publishers for everything is a legitimate problem, and distorts the relationship
  • 17:48:34: "Oh, you want to publish a critical piece? OK, watch your hit counts when we stop giving you early code and give it to everyone else"
  • 19:25:03: Quickie poll for my news feed: what gamesite name would you think a beter one: Insightful Gaming, or Gaming Bus?
  • 19:29:14: RT @DHGFAileen: Coming up with a list of top 10 PS2 games is proving harder than I thought. Oy. XD
  • 19:34:45: Dear Starbucks: Turn your shitty music down. I want to listen to my own. I hate your lousy, pussy music.
  • 19:51:04: God DAMNIT, guys. Context! Context! RT @dmataconis: Canada Bans Dire Straits’ “Money For Nothing” http://bit.ly/gUM6Q6
  • 20:02:59: For those of you who think Canada is a nice, liberal nation of pussies, hang around a hockey rink for two hours. You'll see. Fast.
  • 20:17:16: I don't know what the big deal about CPAC is. The liberals have had something like this for decades. They just call it Burning Man.
  • 20:47:09: I hate developing a writing flow as the coffee shop's closing. God damnit. Though I must say, I want @JVB to see the finished product.
  • 21:38:03: Today's "No shit, Sherlock!" winner RT @BreakingNews: Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton of Auburn will skip senior season, enter NFL draft
  • 22:09:47: What the hell is all this daffy talk about changing zodiac signs?
  • 22:46:49: Aileen is trying to "sell" me on Starbucks now that I've gone there once (1) because I wanted WiFi. Supporting chains... bah!
  • 23:57:54: $%#&}! RT @NECsports: Interesting night of men's hoops. Bryant rallies from 23 down to beat Quinnipiac

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Jan. 14th, 2011 06:43 pm (UTC)
I also dislike going to Starbucks, but their annoying ass strategy of inundating the world with their stores works on me; they're always so convenient.
Jan. 14th, 2011 08:31 pm (UTC)
Seems some people would like to modernize the Western zodiac by not only using a different reading (sidereal instead of tropical), but also adding another sign to make a total of thirteen. The results seem to be sending people back one sign (e.g. a Gemini would be a Taurus now). That's what I'm seeing, at least.

You can look up some of the basics on Wikipedia, but all in all, it's not anything to go crazy over. :P The widespread use of the Internet's just made it easier for such news to fly all over the place.
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