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From Twitter 01-14-2011

  • 00:01:34: Translation: "We got our asses handed to us this past holiday." http://bit.ly/hBPIkh
  • 00:06:37: To games that use licensed music: if you have to edit the hell out of the song to make it "clean" enough, might as well not bother with it.
  • 00:07:50: There's actually a powerful person named Goodluck Jonathan? Is that a typo?
  • 00:33:08: I favorited a YouTube video -- Toto -Hold the Line http://youtu.be/9f-cEM1l7Ks?a
  • 01:59:48: Maybe, just maybe, there's a ray of hope for Tiger '12. http://bit.ly/h3kFXh
  • 02:15:58: The latest figures coming from the NDP about Xbox console sales made Tom Ivan of CVG look like a real idiot. http://bit.ly/i5XADs
  • 03:34:31: Someone literally asked me today if Neil O'Donnell was still quarterbacking the Steelers.
  • 16:43:50: ESPN's having a town hall on the black athlete since MLK... with Spike Lee and Marion Jones. Not exactly a AAA guest list, guys.
  • 17:00:27: The RNC Chair vote might be the longest, weirdest vote I've ever seen. Thank God our actual democracy isn't so pained.
  • 19:42:27: How can a country (Japan) that hosts virtually every fucked up fetish on Earth possibly have a declining birth rate and lack of sex drive?
  • 23:29:31: I really need to stop getting into personal discussions in comment threads. I'd do better beating my head into a brick wall.

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